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I was going to write earlier and more, but have been in the throes of writing an article for the upcoming newsletter on Earth changes and prophecy and our power to choose what reality to manifest relative to that. I have been, essentially, channeling my Self. I had a realization earlier when I was in the shower (water seems always to be a catalyst for Higher Wisdom for me) that the days of channeling “other entities” are fast fading—that it’s time for us to wake up and realize that there’s really only one of us anyway, and that it’s a matter of separation consciousness (sometimes with a measure of low self-esteem thrown in) that causes us to continue to need to ascribe wisdom to entities outside of ourselves. Now don’t get me wrong—I’ve read and benefited from channeled material from lots of channeled entities, and it was perfectly appropriate for the channels to give credit to the entity(ies) they identified as where the information was coming from, it’s just that these days, the necessary shift has been made so that we at last can recognize that nothing really comes from outside of us since we are all One.

I have asked what I have perceived to be my “invisible friends”—my guidesthe “ones” that seem to feed me wisdom—time and time again for specific identification, but no dice. I know that I get information from something larger than my ordinary consciousness, and it seems like a committee of ascended masters, but there is a steadfast refusal on the part of that intelligence to allow me to abdicate my own responsibility and ownership of what I perceive and put forth. Apparently, I have a mandate to unify, not separate, via my thoughts and my labels. So it looks like “channeling my Self” is what I must call what I do!

The past few days have been full of delightful surprises. After so long of waiting for Recreating Eden to “catch on,” I’m finally getting a wealth of wonderful feedback (not that I didn’t get any before, it just seems to be picking up speed). Diana Henderson put a glowing, perfect review of it on (THANK YOU, Diana!); I’ve gotten very enthusiastic responses from Ellen and Louise (mentioned in the last entry), who are both in the process of reading it; and another really super review came in today via email from someone I met in Michigan this summer who has now read it. I’ve asked him to post it on Amazon, too, but he likely wouldn’t have even gotten my email yet as it was really late (he’s in the EST zone) when I sent it.

My back is healing a-pace, thankfully. I’m still using the heat packs and applying the oils, etc., but I can bend down with little pain and can sit and stand almost normally. And even more importantly, I'm able to work at the computer for normal lengths of time as long as I use a pillow or a back brace. Hooray! I'll sure be glad when I leave the need for physical traumas behind...

I’ve more to say but I’ve run out of steam for now. More soon!

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