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Boy, howdy—did I ever hit a speed bump on the road of life! Early Friday morning, I threw my back out—in bed, no less. And no, it wasn’t wild sex. Let’s just say that flannel sheets, cotton nightclothes, and memory foam mattress pads can add up to a nightmare if you’re trying to turn over in your sleep! Even a trip to Dr. Bob, my favorite chiropractor, couldn’t fix me up. BUT, it seems that rest, essential oils, heat packs, and TLC are doing the job. At last, late tonight, I’m feeling some relief and can sit down and stand up without screeching! Bending over is still a trick, but I have faith that is next on my list of accomplishments. I have another appointment with Dr. Bob tomorrow and suspect that this time, it will do the trick.

And I had such a to-do list going, too. But nothing of it has been checked off. None of the things on the list are doable from a prone position and I haven't felt good enough to do much anyway. I do wonder if that’s what’s behind this situation--being overly ambitious and pushing. Maybe too anxious to make up for the lost time from the holiday season and going too fast without staying centered. I’ve been soul-searching to see why I needed this. So far, nothing is crystal clear on it. I have abandoned the flannel sheets, however!

My paint samples from Ellen came yesterday and they are wonderful. I’m eager to get back to normal so I can seriously contemplate repainting the bedroom. And my office. I’d love to repaint the whole house, actually. Her colors are so gorgeous! I think I’ll just go one room at a time, though. No point in taking on too much and having to create another catastrophe to slow me down…

I’ve made another new friend as well. A lovely woman named Louise ordered Recreating Eden on Thursday. When I emailed her to ask if she’d like it signed, I also asked where she’d heard about the book and she replied immediately and said it was from her friend Ellen Kennon! She said that the minute she went to recreating-eden.com, she just KNEW she was supposed to read it. Another instant connection! Very strong energy around the Ellen-Julia-Louise triumverate. Louise and I have been emailing back and forth since. She received her book yesterday and emailed me tonight to say that she’s halfway through and really into it. I’m already understanding a bit of why I felt such a powerful connection with Ellen when I first went to her website—she’s obviously an important link in the energy chain! I was so revved up with communicating with the two of them. Oh—and Louise lives in Glenwood Springs, Colo., one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been. I might have to motor on out there and meet her one of these days!

One thing I’ve learned from this bizarre injury is just how wonderful my husband is. Okay—I knew that before. But I know it even more surely now! He’s been great at taking up the slack for me. Cooking, cleaning up, bringing me whatever I need, and generally being sympathetic. As someone who was single for a whole lotta years and who pretty much always had to fend for herself in times of illness or injury, I have a HUGE appreciation for having someone to take care of me. I had to hold out a long, long time for him, but it was very worth it. Never settle, ladies. Never settle.

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