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It was a tiring weekend and I realize it’s not just from the basement sorting and clearing, but because I let someone else’s opinion get to me. It’s funny how I can have ten people say wonderful things and stay centered, knowing it’s their response to the larger energy behind Recreating Eden and not me, personally, that they’re responding to. But let one person have a personal criticism of me and I go a-tumbling down! It occurs to me that I need to withdraw my ego from that end of things as effectively as I seem to be able to do when the comments are about how much they loved the book or such. Now granted, though I was taken aback at the comments from this person, they were very constructive, and I am grateful. I have no beef whatever with this person—I feel they did me a service for a lot of reasons. My issue was with myself. What I did this afternoon when I had this recognition was to do the surrender (I release myself to you, Spirit. I am Yours. I open every cell and fiber to be filled with your Love and Light, etc.) And I especially guided my attention to my solar plexus, where the ego aspect of my inner child lives, and made a point to release and flow the energy into there, to heal “her” with Love and acceptance. It helped immensely! I was also flirting with a sore throat and so I took a half-hour nap and when I woke up, I felt fine.

Learning to manage this energy is like learning to fly a 747 when you’re used to flying a Cessna. I know that I’m up to it, but it feels a wee bit daunting at times! You truly do “teach best what you most need to learn” and baby, if you’ve ever announced that you’re going to teach something, it’s like inviting the universe to give you a crash course in it! I just announced to the universe that I’m going to be facilitating a workshop called “Recreating Eden: Increasing Your Tolerance for Joy” and it sure looks like I’m being provided the opportunity to learn how to do that! I am learning how to stay in joy without allowing outer things take me out of it, and of course, in order to learn it, the universe is sending me some opportunities to try that out!

I’ve been thinking over the notion that Joy is not the result of having all the trials and tribulations taken away—or even of having wonderful things happen to you, but instead, all the wonderful things and having all the trials and tribulations taken away is the result of choosing Joy! Joy is rightly a proactive emotion—one that you decide on instead of acting as the victim. When you choose to be at the frequency level of Joy, and do all the things that support that, you are in the realm of your Spirit; at higher frequency, and not only are you above the turmoil when you’re there, what you create from that stance is truly magical!

Updated the events page today and there will be more to announce soon. Thank you to Patti , who gave me a nudge to get that done. In fact, when the email came in from her about it, I was at the events page thinking about what to do! Love the synchronicity.

There is so much more to say but I’m ready for bed. I’ve been getting to bed toooooooo late and its not as easy to feel Joy when you’re exhausted. Another important lesson I learned over the weekend!

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