Clutter clearing and prosperity

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Ellen’s winter newsletter, "Living Well" came out yesterday afternoon and had it’s biggest day ever (followed closely by the day my Winter 2005 newsletter went online). We sold some books from that were a direct result of her newsletter article, as well as quite a few through other online sellers--our sales ranking on jumped up drastically, too! THANK YOU, Ellen Kennon!!!

I’ve been reading in Ask and It Is Given, the Abraham-Hicks book, today. I love it because it not only speaks to something I'm ready to work with, it is perfectly consonant with the wisdom I was provided from Great Mind when I was writing Recreating Eden. It’s looking at matters with an only slightly more narrowed focus than is Recreating Eden—as in, it’s specifically speaking to the manifesting aspect of things—but it sure seems to be from the same basic Truth: it's all about frequency, and the key to having what you want is in being a frequency match with it. And about Joy being an indicator that you're in alignment, etc., etc. When I was writing Recreating Eden, I thought I was making that stuff up! It's so cool to find out that I was just tuned into a particularly potent radio station that drew others to listen and share what they heard, too--and yes, I confess, my ego still likes that kind of external validation.

I’ve had people in my gatherings say that Recreating Eden is very much like the Abraham-Hicks material, but I couldn’t confirm that till now as my only exposure was that I had heard a tape (“The Laws of Deliberate Creation”) and read a few quotes here and there before I started reading Ask and It Is Given. It is perfect timing, too. With my energy so high and Joy being so easy to access at the moment, it’s very easy to feel exactly what they’re talking about. And while it may be in the book a little further along than I am, I would like to say that when you're in Joy, you are more naturally able to draw stuff to you without resistance entering the picture. When you're in the empowered state of alignment, you don't have to struggle to believe that something is yours just because the desire is there--you just know it. And the other cool thing that confirmed something I've long done is their idea of "putting universal forces to work for you." In fact, I have an affirmation that has been taped to the inside of my bathroom cabinet for some months that says, "Universal Forces are now conspiring to _______" (I'm not going to reveal what the blank is filled in with, but suffice to say that I am seeing ample evidence that Universal Forces are indeed conspiring to deliver my request and have already done so in part!) Thanks to my sister Ann, who selected Ask and It Is Given from my wish list of books, and purchased it for me (on behalf of my mom) at the annual Quail Ridge Books (in Raleigh) sale for Christmas. Great choice!

Hallelujah! We made progress in the basement today! Rick cleared out a whole bunch of boxes and trash and I cleaned out and organized one of the most congested areas—the one that I had dreaded the most. It was actually so satisfying, I would classify it as FUN! I’m thrilled that we’re finally doing this. I’m being fairly ruthless, too, with getting rid of stuff. We read Clear Your Clutter with Feng Shui by Karen Kingston five years ago, cleaned out our seriously congested storage room (which was in our prosperity sector), and within days, had the funds to buy our house! So I’m looking to harness some of that magic by cleaning out and organizing the basement. I understand from a friend that your basement represents your subconscious. When she cleaned out her basement, a lot of stuff opened up in her life, so I am looking forward to new levels of clarity and focus, as well as whatever else is ready to be transformed! Not to mention, having room to turn around in the basement!

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Peggie Rhodes said:

Greetings, Julia!
I am continually awed by how synchronistic life is!! Ellen and I have done business together for over seven years and we have become good friends during that time, too. She IS amazing and I am always joyed when we get together. She always has something new to explore. She put me on to Emoto, Kingston and many others. And, yes, my house is painted with Full Spectrum Paints and I sell them to my customers too (I wholesale high end furniture to retailers and designers). So, I am glad to ""meet"" you and will look forward to reading Recreating Eden and following your blog!

Julia said:

Welcome aboard! I'm thrilled that you responded--both to your Spirit's guidance to come here (with a little help from our friend, Ellen!) and to your urge to say ""hello.""
I have been wishing for ""blog buddies"" and appreciate you being among the first. I would have responded before now, but I didn't think to check for comments till now. I guess if you petition the universe for something, you need to have your arms open to receive it!
Do hang out with us and continue commenting when you feel like it!

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