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Rising Times” (my newsletter) was emailed out today.* I hope that next time, I have it done with a day to spare before the mail-out (and so does Tony, our webmaster). I would have driven a less tolerant man completely nuts with my last minute changes, additions, and nit-picky tweaks, but not Tony! At least, I don’t think I drove him nuts—he still seems to like me! He did, however, very politely concur that we need more time between him putting into format and the mail-out. You just don’t catch stuff when it’s still in separate documents. It’s only when you’re seeing it all put together as others will see it that you realize something’s inconsistent or something that’s supposed to be italicized isn’t, or that you need to add more links—or whatever. Anyway, this issue is done and from the feedback so far, it’s being appreciated. I'm happy about that!

I talked to Ellen for the first time on the phone today. I called her because she’d ordered a book for a friend through the website, and I wanted to know if she wanted it signed. She’s as fun on the phone as she is via email—actually, even more so! And, being from Louisiana, very Southern in her speech. Within about 30 seconds of our first hello, my drawl was back! Loved that. I do miss the sounds of my natural habitat. (Wow—I meant where I grew up during my Earth-indoctrination, but I also realize I miss the sounds of my true natural habitat—Eden—too! The "joyful noises"!) Ellen and I are cooking up several ideas which I would share but often the energy gets dissipated when you talk about things too soon. I should be able to “tell all” in the not-too-distant-future.

ALSO, I called Louise and talked to her for the first time on the phone tonight. We started off like long-lost friends (which we think is exactly what we are—or more like long-lost family). I called her at 8:45 and the next thing we knew, it was 11:15! Very interesting what happens when you are operating in the Unified Field with a fellow “joy junkie”! If nature hadn’t called, I’m convinced we’d still be yacking away. We talked about all sorts of things, one of them being how wonderful it is to finally be getting to the part of the adventure where we get to meet our mirrors of joy. It’s for sure I’ve met an awful lot of mirrors of stuff I didn’t want to look at—and while extremely helpful, not as much fun! I guess when you become unconditionally committed to being in the joy space, it stands to reason that you will attract mirrors to show you where you are. Not that I would be shocked if a less-flattering mirror showed up tomorrow, but how lovely it is to meet people that are feeling the same expansion and elation you are!

I love the way this adventure is unfolding. Spirit is a magnificent engineer of connections, events, and delightful surprises. I am excited everyday to see what new wonders will come my way!

*If you’re on the newsletter list and didn’t’ get yours, your spam filtering probably blocked it. I’m going to ask Tony how to get around that. Maybe you just need to add "newsletter@recreating-eden.com" to your address book...? Meantime, to access the current newsletter, click here.

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