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Another high-energy, joy-filled day! And not without lessons. I was really soaring tonight while I was exercising. About 90 minutes before I went downstairs (Nordic Track and Lifecycle are in the basement), I had come up with an exciting new workshop and the plans for it just flowed out of me and poured out into the computer effortlessly! That, in combination with some very high energy connections and conversations over the course of the day, had me vibrationally high and feeling quite blissed out—so very, very grateful for all the blessings that are flowing. To back up a little further, I had spent ten minutes this afternoon finding things to give the Disabled American Veterans as they had called at the first of the week, just about the time I was thinking how we so desperately need to undertake a big clutter-clearing and giveaway. I knew if I committed to the D.A.V., it would light a little fire under me in that direction--a start. As I was scanning the piles of stuff, I spotted an old crocheted afghan that belongs to Rick. It features one of the loudest, most jarring color combinations I have ever seen—certainly not something I would want to display—and I have been trying to convince him for years to part with it (it’s been in a plastic bag in storage for the seven years I’ve known him, so it’s not like it is getting used.)

So while I’m at the peak of my bliss on the bike, thanking Spirit profusely for all the cool synchronicities of late and reveling in the energy, and thinking how I'd follow that bliss anywhere, I was looking around the basement at all the stuff that needs to be freed up from stagnancy there, and thinking how there was no possession in the world I wouldn't give up to feel that high-frequency energy. Just then, Rick came downstairs and announced that he’d gathered a bag of stuff for the D.A.V. It triggered my memory of my own gathering time, and with the feeling I was having about releasing all that excess stuff, it tapped into my desire to get him to let go of the afghan. Let me tell you, when you’re up there feeling the energy and power of Who You Are, and you allow an ego issue to grab the steering wheel, LOOK OUT! I spoke VERY passionately about the afghan, in a preachy, “laying down the law” kind of way. Rick managed to remain placid and noncommittal about letting go of it, and I was left about 20 notches lower in frequency! From the heights of ecstasy and gratitude, I dropped waaaaaaaaaaay down there. Not to the point of unhappiness or anything--was still in joy at a somewhat lower level (though there certainly was a temptation to then beat up on myself for taking the express train out of Bliss-ville), but definitely nowhere near as high as I had been. What a powerful lesson! Remedial, I might add: JUDGMENT LOWERS FREQUENCY. EGO STUFF LOWERS FREQUENCY. Thank you, Spirit, for the reminder. It was also an important new understanding as well. The tolerance (and in this case, I mean the tolerance like in a machine part--the allowance for deviation) for mistakes gets smaller when you're dancing up there, close to your Spirit. You feel the illusion of separation so much more acutely after you've just been feeling the Oneness so powerfully. Thankfully, Spirit welcomes you back with open arms when you intend to climb back up!

A really remarkable thing happened tonight. I noticed that my boy dachshund, Roly, has a beautiful violet aura around his head and then I noticed that Lilah does as well! They looked like a pale neon-type purple light, with Lilah’s vascillating between purple and white. It was quite an extraordinary experience— I’ve long been able to see human auras if I focus on them, so I can’t believe I never thought to look before! Actually, just seeing the auras was not the coolest part. The coolest part was that I was staring at Lilah’s aura (and she was staring SO lovingly and peacefully back at me) and I felt such gratitude for the blessing of seeing her aura, I said softly, “Oh, thank you God!” And her aura jumped to more than double in size at exactly that moment!!! How powerful is that???

I did a Google search for “dog aura” and found a site with a list of the colors and what they mean. I copied the following from that site:

Amethyst and violet colors: this animal is highly attuned to its owner and the Divine.

White: the pet has recognized its spiritual connection to the Divine.

Well, don't know how much they've recognized about their connection to the Divine, but it’s for sure they’re highly attuned with me!

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