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Now it all makes perfect sense. The likely culprit for why the dates for the Louisiana trip weren’t working out is that Mercury is retrograde from March 19 through April 12. In case you don’t know about Mercury retrogrades, you can read about them at this link (Explanation is below the calendars). Trust me—it’s best not to plan anything having to do with travel and communication during them. It’s not that they’re a guarantee of things gone awry—it’s just that the conditions are far more favorable when Mercury is direct. Of course, as the site quotes well-known astrologer, Steven Forrest as saying, the preferred activities for a Mercury retrograde have “re-” attached to them, like “re-writing,” “re-working,” etc. So probably “Re-creating Eden” would work—but apparently, at least according to the lack of flow we’ve experienced, the universe says “no”! Thanks, Patti, for pointing out today that Mercury is going to be retrograde—I had not thought to check!!!

By the way, my very first astrology reading was with Steven Forrest, who is from Chapel Hill, NC. He’s quite the storyteller!

ANYWAY, the Louisiana weekend has now been established as the first weekend in May. Ellen and I had a great phone conversation and touched into a huge energy. It really feels so great—I just know it’s going to be a magical weekend. I see it as a co-creation—an initiation of a new level of recreating Eden. Yes, I will be channeling and leading learning experiences, but as importantly as what anybody “learns,” is that the people attending will be contributing their own substance to the vision and their magnetic power and Life Force to lifting things up. I realize that I am a lofty thinker, and that everyone may not see it as I do, but I see this as such an opportunity to reach a new level of understanding—a real experience of the transformative power of unconditional radiance and deliberate Joy! There’s a whole new paradigm that this is establishing in form—that is what my guidance is telling me. It’s not your old-model of spiritual assemblage—however vital those have been. It’s an unprecedented opportunity to feel what it feels like to be called Home. Wow. Is it May yet??!

I usually write these right before I go to bed, but tonight I’m writing early because I need to make Rick’s birthday cake. It’s a flourless chocolate cake with raspberry coulis. I learned to make it before we had stopped indulging in sugar, but last year, I tried making it with xylitol (natural sweetener made from birch trees) instead and it was every bit as delicious! (There's still some sugar in the chocolate that I use but not much and considering it's with so much protein, it doesn't seem to have a big glycemic effect.) So I'll be repeating that performance. His birthday is Friday, but tomorrow night is the night the kids come over so we’re having an early celebration. We’ll have another one Friday. Since the cake has to be refrigerated for several hours before cutting, I’m going to go ahead and bake it tonight.

Oh, yeah—today I went to the pet boutique where I buy the pupsters’ frozen raw food, etc., and as I was paying, the owner (who I know and like and usually enjoy talking to) walked in, grumbling and carrying on about somebody who did something inconsiderate in traffic. I said, “Hey—don’t let someone else dictate your mood!” She answered, “well I tried not to, but…” and continued ranting and raving about them. Then the clerk started chiming in and agreeing with her about how “stupid people are forgivable, but inconsiderate people have no excuse,” and on and on, the energy in the room taking such a rapid nosedive, I had to very deliberately work to keep myself from being affected, using my favorite energy-shielding technique (which I plan to share in the next newsletter). I did stifle the urge to say, "When someone is acting like that, it's a sign that more Love is needed." I have found that such statements are not well-received when someone's ego is letting off steam! Won't it be wonderful when enough of us are letting Love run our lives so that everybody gets it?! The process is unfolding...patience, Julia!

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