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Cycles…contraction…expansion…contraction…expansion. I seem to be in a contraction after the expansion of the last week or two, though I’m sure it’s just that I can’t see what all is going on in the unseen realms. Happily, I’m having confidence that all is in Divine Order despite not being able to see progress in some areas! I'm actually feeling it--feeling the connection with the Intelligence that is running my life, and knowing it is smarter than my ego-self. I'm clear that there are roots going down and sprouts coming to the surface even if I can't see the whole process at work. There’s something to be said for spiritual maturity and for living enough years to have observed the outworking of cycles over and over again!

Because I have taken on the topic of “Joy” for my upcoming workshop and writing, I am being provided with lots of material on it. And because “unconditional Joy” seems to be a very important aspect of it, I’m being provided with opportunities to sustain Joy despite a lull in experiencing outer stimuli that might seem to support being in the Joy-space. (i.e. things are not unfolding according to my ego's design and schedule!) When expectations aren't met, it's easy to despair unless you have decided to have absolute faith in the greater outworking of the Divine Plan. And so I have. I'm choosing to KNOW that my Spirit is waaaaaay smarter than my ego and I'm choosing to feel the Joy of that, the Joy of knowing that all is well and is unfolding on time and in Divine Order. I believe that’s a huge key to enlightenment: choosing Joy instead of waiting for Joy to choose you! Choosing Joy instead of expecting an external circumstance to catalyze you into feeling bliss. Doing what you can do to stay at the frequency level where Joy is the default emotion. After all, Joy is the energy signature of your Spirit, and where better to hang out when the world doesn’t seem to be shaping up according to your vision?! Of course, the truth is that the world IS shaping up according to what you’re vibrating so if you choose to vibrate at the level where Joy is the natural feeling, it stands to reason that the outpicturing of your vibrational frequency will very soon be more joyful! JOY: the effect AND the cause.

Speaking of cause and effect, we made more headway in the basement this weekend. What a thrill it was to go downstairs to exercise this afternoon and look at all the progress! Stunning! Still a very long way to go, but it’s amazing how much we’ve achieved in a few 2 or 3-hour sessions. I’ve been able to be pretty ruthless in letting go of stuff and it’s amazing how many empty and mostly-empty boxes we’ve been storing! Mark my words: the windows of Heaven WILL be opening up in response to our clutter-clearing—and actually, already are. Right now, I'm working on what in feng shui is the “skills and knowledge/wisdom” sector of the basement and boy, oh boy—the wisdom is flowing from “above” in a more powerful way than ever! I’m sure the process will bring many more such enhancements. How delicious to anticipate the finding out of just how and when!

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Patti said:

Julia, would you speak to the quality of playfulness, and how that figures into this paradigm? My most recent manifestation occurred when I intentially decided to ""play"" with some of these ideas...and now I have a new end table!

Julia said:

Yes--I will happily speak to the idea of playfulness! (Have you gotten to Ch. 6 in Recreating Eden? There's a listing of your Qualities of Origin, and Playfulness is on page 111.)
Some of my most miraculous manifestations have occurred during playful times. Once upon a time, I was deeply into a writing project (back when I was a freelance copywriter) and very much into the flow, and didn’t have time to worry about the fact that I had $220 due in bills in a couple of days, and not enough money to pay them with, and wouldn’t be paid for the current project till too late, nor would I have any time to earn other money because the project was all-consuming and was going to make me a lot of money—just not right away. Taking a break from the writing, I was in the car on the way to pick up Chinese food, and just spontaneously started singing a song, making up the tune and the lyrics as I went along. The gist of it was something like, “Hey God—I could really use $220 dollars and I don’t know where to get it from but you do so please send it by tomorrow!” I was really into it and laughing like a child—and feeling like one, too. When I got to the restaurant, I promptly forgot about it and never even thought about the bill or the money until the next morning when I went to mailbox. It crossed my mind that the mail would be a logical place for the money to show up if it was going to. I opened it with anticipation and froze when I saw a letter from the IRS. In it was a check for $169 that I didn’t have a clue they owed me—seems I forgot to claim a deduction I was due! But that wasn’t enough. The next piece of mail I opened was from my mom, who just thought I might be able to use $50 so she sent me a check for that amount! Yep—I got $219 which is “about $220”! It was the universe saying, “Julia! If you want $220 exactly—or even MORE, you have to ask for that! You got what you asked for.”
It was my silly song—my playfulness, my asking with the utter faith and complete confidence of an innocent child, my complete lack of worry about it—indeed, my forgetting about it and immersing myself in a creative act (the catalog I was writing), that did the trick. As for the role of playfulness, here is what I got about that. Playfulness breaks up stale energy and frees it up to flow freely. It lightens it and holds it at a high frequency where “magic” and creativity occur. As an “unadulterated” child (you’ll read about this in Ch. 6), you were devoted to play—it is a major power tool! But as you underwent your training in the ways of Earth, you had less and less time for authentic play. Time to reclaim playfulness for our creativity toolkits!

Patti said:

When I manifested my table, I was in a total ""fun"" place - lighthearted, adventureous, and playful! That's what I was feeling when I went to Surroundings (store in Houston)...""let me just play with these ideas and see if my table is here!"" And, I had just finished reading the first 4 chapters of your book. I haven't reached chapter 6 you've given me previews of coming attractions! Thanks!

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