Breaking through the clouds

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Well, friends, the cloud has lifted! Hallelujah! Turns out it was just time to confront something I had been in denial about for awhile. (I did, and it has made a huge difference already!) AND it was time to do some emotional release on what feels like something unrelated to the denial issue, though why compartmentalize?! So I did that, too. (Remember my “constipation” comment from the last entry? Constipation isn’t just about your bowel movements, although being blocked in that arena can certainly affect everything!) Both actions freed my energy to flow again so that I could rise back up in frequency. I’ve been in the Joy-space ever since.

Let me share with you what I did. When there’s blocked energy coming up to be released, it is important to do what is necessary to release it. One way (though certainly not the only way) to do this is to stimulate a release by having a feeling-your-feelings-and letting-them-go-crying fest! On purpose. I have a CD that does the job for me every time. The first time I used it specifically for clearing-releasing-healing, was in 2002, just after my dear sidekick and soulmate-dog, Luna, made her transition. The CD is by singer-songwriter Cris Williamson, pioneer in the “women’s music” arena. It’s called Ashes, and was her healing response to the dissolution of her 20-year relationship with her lover and partner. Like many highly creative folks, Cris just naturally writes/sings/creates her way back from pain to spiritual center, and this album was the vehicle to, as well as the result of, her healing process. (And it is NOT a maudlin album, by the way!) By setting her healing process to music and sharing it with us, she blazed an energy trail that others can use to more easily move through their own pain. While her losing her lover and having to let her go was not exactly the same as me letting go of my dearly departed, beloved dog, it was the same essential process. All grief and loss are based in the same basic issue: the feeling of separation from Love; from your alignment with your Spirit. And all healing is the act of finding your way back.

Today, my healing session did not involve a specific—I mean, I could not label the blocked energy and stored sadness that needed to move out. I could not attribute it to some specific event or issue. But that was not necessary at all. I felt the blocked energy, catalyzed my feelings of grief by using Cris’ music, and allowed myself to “wail it out.” It wasn’t a horrible time at all—in fact, strange as it sounds, once you understand the process, it’s even kind of enjoyable. When you grieve on purpose, you are very aware that energy is moving (at last!), that there’s a healing process going on, and you are the one that initiates it, so there’s no feeling of victimization by your emotions involved, or fear of falling into the abyss. You are just processing your “stuff.” Moving it through and out. Removing the obstacles to your energy flow. Clearing the channel to feel the Love of coming through your Spirit.

By the time I was about halfway through, my crying was alternating between sobs of grief-release, and paroxysms of Joy! Energy moving in the right direction will always lead to Joy! By the time the album finished, I was poised to rise straight up to full-on Joy. So, of course, I then put on Earth Wind and Fire (grin), and I’ve been dancing around the house, a happy camper once again!

Cris is such a remarkable talent. I have loved her music since the early ’80s when my friend, Lily, introduced me to it. I introduced Rick to it early in our relationship and he loved it, too. While it may have come from a "woman who loves women,” this hetero couple did a lot of “courting” to the sublime music of Cris! She has an utterly amazing voice and her lyrics are indicative of her constant orientation to Spirit. If you’re not up for the healing power of Ashes, I love all her albums, but her tour de force is The Changer and the Changed. I think every person consciously on a spiritual path needs that album!

One added note—I started my releasing session by using the essential oil blend, “Release” and that helped a bunch.

I got notice this afternoon that astrologer Lisa Dale Miller had posted info on the upcoming Full Moon. It is awesome and a must-read. Looks like it’s not just prime healing time for me, it’s about to be healing time for all of us! (I’ll bet you’re not even surprised about that!)

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