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Today, I had another less-than-joyful day, and was considering not writing, but I realized that it might help me (and others) if I could process my day and figure out the lessons in it. It was a cold, gray, damp, snowy day, and I had to go out into the world when I would rather have stayed home and communed with Spirit and worked on writing projects. I didn’t have something difficult to do while I was out—I got my hair cut and highlighted—but for whatever reason, I was “off my game.” At least I'm lookin' good…(grin)

Anyway, for whatever reason, I chose not to experience joy today, and I realized that having a less-than-joyful day gave me the chance to understand the components of being joyful; i.e.: what was missing today? Obviously, I did not focus on my Spirit; did not seek joy. While I know I’m on the way to achieving complete, unconditional joy, I’m not there yet. I can tell you that joy is easier to feel when I am:

Breathing freely.
In a clean-air environment.
In a high-frequency environment.
In the sunshine.
Physically free of aches and pains.
Free of time-restriction.
Able to be totally in the flow, dancing to no one’s tune but my Spirit’s.
Not constipated! (Either emotionally or physically)

These are conditions that are a given in Eden. But they are not in the duality matrix. We attract what we are vibrating, and what we attract, affects what we are vibrating. The thing is, we need to rise up out of the duality matrix to feel joy—and it’s hard to do when we are not already vibrating ease and joy! So which comes first, the chicken or the egg? We do have the capacity to create the conditions in which joy is easier to access when we have the intention to. One thing that is very handy about this world of contrast is that it is easy to know what we don’t want. If we aren’t vibrating at our highest, it helps if we do what we can to create the conditions that help us rise up.

Those conditions I listed are things I am mostly able to have every day because of the way I have both consciously and unconsciously designed my life. But I realize that those are not necessarily conditions that everyone is manifesting for themselves at this point in time. Still, we can point our intentions in that direction. If you have a job that is not supportive of Joy, it’s a sign that a change is needed. If you have a home environment that is not supportive of Joy, it’s a sign that a change is needed. I believe if you do what you can to experience Joy, the parts of your life that are not supportive of Joy will spontaneously begin to transform. I'm sure that there are people who are able to feel joy even when they are not warm and dry, but I bet they would tell you it's not that easy and that they would rather be joyful AND warm and dry! We are choosing our reality--we're not victims. So let's choose it to support Joy. I don't see any particular virtue in suffering. There 's enough suffering inherent in the duality matrix.

I wouldn’t make a very good Buddhist. Too much focus on transcending physical suffering through suffering. While I’m all for transcending physical suffering, I don’t want to simply end the physical suffering by rising up, I want to help myself rise up by making myself feel better as an aid to the process! By the way, I feel better just from writing this stuff out. And I just used a couple of drops of the essential oil blend, “Transformation”—that shot my frequency up. And I drank more water. And I felt appreciation and gratitude! Whew—I think I just felt Joy return!

(The Rosette Nebula I talked about in the last entry is archived now. Do check it out!)

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