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Little by little—and sometimes, alot by alot—the message of Recreating Eden is getting out there! It’s an interesting experiment, and test of what I teach, to let Spirit design my marketing plan for me, to not see a copy of said plan in tangible form, but to follow it step by step as given in the moment! I have to say, I don’t think I could have devised a plan nearly as effective! (Or as cost-effective!) Every day now, I’m surprised and delighted at the connections being made and the opportunities being offered. At some point, perhaps I’ll go into more detail, but once again, things are at the delicate stage of needing to be held close so as not to deplete the energy. Suffice to say that it is clear to me that the universe truly is conspiring to make sure that lots of people read the book and “get it.” I love watching the energy growing! And meeting the beautiful people who are magnetized by it! YOU, for example!

Yesterday and today, in between other tasks, I spent quite a bit of time reading my own book! Partly because I needed to decide about using excerpts from it, and partly because I just need to do that from time to time. Believe it or not, I sometimes forget what is in there! Rick used to shake his head when I would tell him that I was freaked out because I couldn’t remember what was in the book. (I’m doing much better now—not freaked out anymore.) Ask anyone who does any kind of channeling, and they will tell you that they often have no clue what they’ve said. This is not to that extreme, as there is a lot of me in the book, and in the process of writing it, I went over and over and over it all, but it is true that when I read it now, it is quite a bit like reading something written by someone else. When I was reading it today, I felt a lot of tingling sensations on/in my head. Not sure what that was about, but it seemed like "someone" was working on me. Pretty neat! The other very cool thing I noticed over the last two days of reading it is that, even though I wrote it, it is triggering new insights for me. It’s almost like reading a whole new book! I guess I have evolved to a different level, and so what it is saying to me now is different than what it said before because I am seeing from a new perspective. Clearly what's doing that is not so much my words as the energy that prompted me to put them down in the order that I did. (I dowsed on every word to be sure not only that I was saying what needed to be said, but that I had the words organized just right for the energy to come through!) I can now better understand why people have been reading Recreating Eden through multiple times.

Ellen sent out the save-the-date email for the May 15 weekend and already has heard from a bunch of people excited about coming! (I hope you're one of them!) Hey—I’m so excited about it, I’m already thinking about what to pack! That’s a lot about escapism in addition to my enthusiasm for the trip and events. Doesn’t a lush, green, gorgeous spot in the Deep South in late spring (might as well be early summer in that part of the world) sound divine about now? With a bunch of lovely, conscious people interested in expanding their capacity for real Joy? It does to this Colorado dweller. I’m getting tired of the snow pack in the shady parts of my backyard, and of the cold air, and the brown plants. And I’m ready to meet my fellow tribe/team members face to face! Lots to look forward to this spring. Oh…wait a minute! Be here now, Julia. Be here now!

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Patti said:

Julia - I'm in the process of reading your book, so this may be answered further on...
How do I discern what is Ego and what is Spirit? That may sound like the proverbial ""dumb"" question, but I have a very busy mind...sometime I KNOW, and other times, I will have a thought, and then wonder, wow, was that Spirit, or just my Ego talking?
I appreciate your insights, and hope to see you in May!

Patti said:

Ok, for the record, after I asked this question, I was guided by Spirit to pick up the book, and start reading. And, the very page I had last the next few paragraphs...thru the end of the chapter, there was the exact answer (and in the text, almost the same question!)I was seeking. Wow!
For those reading the blog, who haven't read the book, though, Julia, I invite you to still respond here!
With ease, joy and LOVE!

Julia said:

Don't you love when that happens?!
It's not going to feel like an exact science all the time, but once you begin to pay attention to what is going on in your body when you are thinking, you will be able to tell if the thought is aligned with higher frequency (Spirit's truth) or with lower frequency (ego's...less-than-truth). There's just a difference in the way you FEEL when you're thinking thoughts aligned with your Spirit because your frequency will be higher. When you're thinking thoughts heavily influenced by your ego, your frequency is lower as you are being pulled away from perfect alignment with Spirit and, thus, your frequency is lower.
If that still sounds like a challenge--feeling the difference--then do an experiement and focus on something beautiful and pure, like a tree or a baby or a puppy and allow yourself to feel the joy of your Spirit. Gratitude will raise your frequency if you don't just immediately feel what I'm talking about. Then, (warning--this will not feel very nice!), pick up the newspaper and read some of the front page. Form an opinion--make a judgment--about what is going on. Notice the change in frequency in your body.
Of course, being in the Unified Field of gratitude and appreciation for your Spirit and then picking up the newspaper with descriptions of the turmoil of the duality matrix is not exactly the same as having confusing thoughts--I'm just trying to help you know what higher and lower frequency feel like. It is also true that reading the newspaper after you've climbed in frequency helps you be more detached, so it's possible you won't feel a huge frequency drop. Do your own experimenting around this. If you start paying attention, you will get more proficient and sensing rising and falling frequency in your body. (A really effective time to pay attention is when you're criticizing someone--down you go!)
After you do your experimental frequency drop, please do employ a frequency raising technique like the one above or in the newsletters (on I don't like to think that I asked you to drop your frequency and didn't remind you to raise it back up!!!
Hope that helps!

Julia said:

Forgot to say this before--I very much hope you are coming to our event in May! Looking forward to meeting you (and all my team mates!)

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