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I was contemplating when would be the optimal time to start a new project today, when it occurred to me that I hadn’t a clue when this month’s new moon was. So I looked it up and it was yesterday. Oops! Fortunately, the new moon influences last longer than a day, so while it would have been nice to have figured it out yesterday, it’s still valuable to coordinate with the new moon’s energies to make a fresh start on something. I found a really clear and focused analysis of the current new moon’s energies at Lisa Dale Miller’s website. (If you email her, she'll put you on a list to receive notice of upcoming new moon and full moon analyses.) It was interesting to me that while I had not known about it to consciously coordinate with it, I was pretty much on track with what this new moon is about! I guess that is the reward of following your Spirit to the best of your ability—even without the left brain information, you manage to coordinate accurately and harmoniously with the Whole of Creation. I guess that is actually what we are moving toward—to be so synchronized with the part of yourself (your Self) that has limitless, constant access to the Wisdom of All That Is, that you no longer need crutches like astrology, tarot, the Weather Channel, the Wall Street Journal, or even a calendar.

In the meantime, there’s a website that I visit from time to time that offers a free, downloadable lunar planner (.pdf format) that you might find useful. I don’t use it as a planner, though I do usually look it over each month. What I like about it is that it covers the theme for each phase of the moon for each monthly moon cycle. It helps you understand what kinds of actions are most supported by each moon phase. And be sure to check out each new moon's "theme"--this month's is "Serendipity." I love that! The entire website is pretty interesting and probably especially so if you “speak astrology,” (I really don’t) because Nick Anthony Fiorenza, the guy whose site it is is quite the prolific writer and in many cases, includes a lot of vernacular that the astrologically-undereducated might not understand, but I find it worthwhile to skim over his articles and grasp as much of his analysis as I can.

Speaking of astrology and following your Spirit, it brings to mind a time back in the mid-’80s when I lived in a condominium in Raleigh, NC, in an area that was outside of town a bit--fairly rural at that point (no longer). Our swimming pool was on a hill above the complex, half-surrounded by woods. Very quiet and peaceful up there unless there were kids around--and usually there weren't. One evening, I experienced an inner nudge to walk up to the pool. Not strange—except that it was 11:00 at night, I was alone, and the pool was closed. I had a key, though, and it was quite a safe area, so I obeyed without hesitation (well, I did stop to say, HUH?! You want me to do what?! before walking out the door). It was a warm, virtually cloudless night in midsummer, and as I approached the pool, I was instructed to put my feet in. I stood on the top step in the shallow end, the water up to my ankles, and “heard” the instruction to look up. So I did. The stars and planets were vivid against the black sky, and just like it was a download from the computer, I was struck with the sudden understanding that all those balls of minerals and gases out there in space were interacting with the minerals and gases not only in the Earth, but in my body, and that all are a part of an amazing, interconnected mechanism—a being, if you will—whose constituent parts are all acted upon by magnetic fields that are modulated by the various mineral characteristics and how they specifically conduct electricity and interact with each other. Suddenly, the notion of astrology, while still foreign in its specifics, made perfect sense to me. No longer was it an airy-fairy concept, but I knew with certainty that the science behind it, while probably not fully accurately interpreted by human beings even yet, was as real and as commonsense as any other aspect of the physical world that we have a fairly decent grasp of. OF COURSE we’re affected by the different planetary aspects—our frequency is modulated by the various “rays” of influence they exude because of our own mineral make up! Beyond just the major electromagnetic influence the heavenly bodies have on the water in our body, the crystals and minerals within the planets and stars are communicating with the crystals and minerals within us. Cool, huh? Of course, maybe everyone else in the world has already thought of this and it’s something I missed by never taking physics, but it was news to me, and I like that I got it straight from the Source, as it were. Obeying the odd commands of your Spirit can take you on some fascinating adventures! I highly recommend it.

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