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What an exciting evening! By the end of the day tomorrow, Feb. 22 (I'm writing this on the 21st but by the time I finish it and post it, it will be early on the 22nd), the number of people who have been exposed to the names “Recreating Eden” and “Julia Rogers Hamrick” will have expanded exponentially! Thanks to the workings of the very efficient universe (in this case, operating through lovely Barbara Rose), I was asked to contribute a bonus as a part of an “Amazon Bestseller” campaign for Gary Renard. An email campaign is being executed to get enough people to buy his book, The Disappearance of the Universe, to take it to #1 on Amazon. It was self-published originally, but was picked up by Hay House, and based on the evidence (it’s VERY expensive to hire the consultant they hired to put this together) they are behind this campaign. Almost all the other authors/teachers that have provided bonuses are big names in the Hay House stable. I don’t know this for sure, but I think maybe Barbara and I are the only ones who are not Hay House folks. Oh—maybe Stephen Simon with the Spiritual Cinema Circle is not—but I don’t know that and right now, I’m too lazy to investigate. Anyhoo, from the human perspective, it is quite extraordinary that I was included. However, knowing what I know about the desire of those higher Light beings who are playing behind-the-scenes roles in recreating Eden, it’s not so extraordinary! I’m grateful to Barbara for following her inner guidance and suggesting to those who put the campaign together that I be included.

The mailings are going out to more than ONE MILLION targeted email addresses from the lists of Hay House and the various authors/teachers! ONE MILLION. Wow. My prayer is that many more of our teammates will be provided with a thread of connection to discover the teachings in Recreating Eden, and, of course, to come together with the rest of their “tribe.” (That would be you and me!)

I’m feeling such a sense of urgency to put things in place for us to start connecting outwardly in a greater way to support each other in our process. I was meditating on that today and was given the instruction to put out the call for that on the website—make a specific statement about what people can do to facilitate the coming together. So I put up a page titled “The Team.” I’m sure it will expand, but this is a start. Tony was lovely to turn on a dime and get it put up so that it could be there when the big mailing goes out and all those new folks go, “Hmmm…Recreating Eden…what’s that all about?” and come to check out

I was also told today by The Advisors that are working from other dimensions, in much the way a patient elder sibling might tell a younger sibling, that “everything is already in place in the vibrational realm—you just need to start more actively allowing things to manifest by accepting that and understanding it and not blocking it with doubts and insecurities over ‘what comes next.’ We’re so glad you’ve finally figured this out—we’ve been just waiting for you to!”

Apparently, there’s already a schedule and structure in place, and now it’s time for me to not just relax about it, but to "actively" expect things to pick up speed, and stop worrying about the hows of it all. Apparently, people (like Ellen, for example) will feel inspired to instigate events, and while I will be able to offer input, I do not
have to (and should not) beat on doors and try to make things happen. Which is great, as I am not one who likes to figure that stuff out and I’m not into working my human will to make things happen. And gee—it all works so darn well when I just go about my business and allow the universe to do it’s thing—witness the Louisiana Joy Weekend and the Amazon Bestseller campaign, neither of which I had to make happen in the traditional human way! I couldn’t have contrived either one of those things.

I’m also going to be looking into doing teleseminars so that we can connect up in a greater way from our homes. It won’t be as much fun as being able to look in each others eyes or to hug, but it will offer an opportunity to share in a way that email and the blog can’t provide. As things accelerate in our process (and boy, are they ever), it will be nice to get closer in a conscious way, won’t it?!


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