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Oh, boy. Remember the part of the last chapter of Recreating Eden where I described what happens when you raise your frequency and your ego stuff is displaced? How true! Just add a whole lot of Light, and it will stir up any unresolved issues and old stored energy to be released. When it does, it can feel overwhelming in the moment. And some of it leaves only with strenuous objections! Thankfully, however, if you continue to focus on the Truth and continue flooding yourself with Light, trusting that your Spirit is always calling you higher, the murk clears rapidly and your emotional set point (as Abraham calls it) is a notch higher as your reward. And the next time your stuff comes up, it clears more easily and rapidly At least that has been my experience. Please don’t let the foregoing talk of displaced stuff scare you off—having your “default setting” higher is the way to have more joy and far less murk, it’s just that in the process, there is some stuff to get through!

I’m sure, based on the first paragraph, you’ve already guessed that I’m talking about what I’ve been experiencing. If you go back through the last couple of months of the blog, there are many entries about the increasing Joy I’m experiencing. Well, all that sustained higher frequency has definitely displaced some crud, and I’m getting to put the notion of unconditional Joy to the test. It’s almost as if I’m somehow challenging myself to see just how much emotional “owee” stuff I can navigate through, and clear out. And maintain my devotion to my Spirit, to Joy.

For me, it’s all solar plexus stuff. I’m waaaaaaay too familiar with the lump in the pit of the stomach. That’s the connecting point between you and the world—it’s the chakra where ego issues are focused. And whenever the ego decides it needs to defend itself for whatever reason, it clamps down on the energy, thus, the lump. (I think I may have talked about this a couple of days ago.) So I guess it also makes sense that when your ego is being displaced, it feels threatened and is all too ready to shut down, and that plays havoc with your solar plexus. What seems to help me with that is breathing—although, when I’m really going through something, it’s sometimes so knotted up, I have a hard time taking a full breath. Relaxing and finding ways to consciously connect with Spirit are important, certainly, as are all frequency-raising activities—of course, some are easier than others to engage in when you’re all knotted up. What has really helped me a lot is Release (the essential oil blend). It is amazing at clearing out blocked energy—unsticking the stuck--particularly that which is near the surface and ready to be let go of.

I guess I could keep this personal stuff to myself, but I share things like this on a public forum because I believe that someone who reads it may be helped by it. I figure some readers will be appreciative of getting a play-by-play of what embarking on the intention of aligning with Spirit so as to return to Eden may bring—maybe some of them so they can say, “I’m not the only one going through this!.” My ego, I must tell you, does cringe, because I’m pretty much saying loud and clear, “I am a human being in process!” instead of maintaining some illusion of having it all together, the way our egos would prefer that we do! I’ve never made any bones about who and what I am--I’m adept at listening to Spirit and writing what I hear, I’m a pretty decent counselor and healer, and I’m a skilled and enthusiastic teacher, but I’m no guru, that’s for sure! I’m the one who runs ahead and then hurries back to grab some pals to share my experience with. And if my ego wishes you’d think that I am some sort of Earth master, phooey on my ego!

On a slightly different note, remember, tomorrow’s full moon is just right for healing activities and for service. It’s a great time to start a new program to make yourself healthier!

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Rick said:

Julia and I were both feeling a good bit of the stirred up junk in need of release before dinner last night, and I think the way we dealt with it was a good illustration of the power of vulnerability.
When we get sideways with each other, we often discover that there is something going on with one or both of us that is in the way of our clear connection with each other. In a way, it is often easier to spot such gunk in the system if you have a partner with whom you are very close, because they may help detect it sooner than you might on your own. You can fool yourself, but you cannot fool your soulmate!
Last night, we intended to sit down and go through an exercise or two from Ask and It Is Given, the marvelous Abraham-Hicks book Julia has made reference to in earlier entries here.
What we ended up doing was spending time getting our own connection cleared of the stuff that was blocking our normally clear communication channel. Most important was not that any one thing came up during that time, but that we were able to be open-hearted and vulnerable with each other, trusting the outcome to be in service to us and to our higher selves, as well.
We can get back to Ask and It Is Given another day. Yesterday's assignment that we accepted in the moment was exactly the one we needed to accept, and we enjoyed a close, loving evening with each other as a result.
While there are times that a relationship can seem like lots of work, my own experience is that the resulting increase in love and joy makes the work seem like very little to do for such a huge reward!

Julia said:

See why I love this man?!
It sure makes it easier to grow when you have a partner who supports and nurtures it, and is willing and eager to grow, too..I am SO thankful to have this in my life!

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