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Ever since Midwest Book Review mentioned the term “Christian” in the glowing review they did of Recreating Eden, and especially since theirs became a “spotlight review” on Amazon, I’ve been wondering if it is turning anyone off. And I’ve also wondered if I’ve been needlessly concerned about people mistaking it for being a religious book. Because—and those of you who have read Recreating Eden know this—it is not a specifically Christian book. It is not a religious book, but if it were, it would be classified as ecumenical.

As far as I know there is nothing in it that would automatically exclude it as a Christian book, either. After all, it does quote Jesus a few times, and briefly discusses his amazing sacrifice in dipping back down into the duality matrix to blaze an energy trail for us. And, truth be told, Recreating Eden pretty much restates the message Jesus was trying to get across but that only a few really got. My feeling is that the ascended master that was Jesus had a lot of input into the writing of Recreating Eden (if that sounds crazy, so be it). I do realize the part where the concept of human beings as God in human form is discussed would be a hugely off-putting thing to (most) fundamentalists!

But I have heard through Rick that a fundamentalist Christian borrowed his friend’s copy and loved it so much, he just went ahead and gave her the book before he even had a chance to read it himself (and this was someone who bought the book, not someone I gave a copy to). In fact he asked Rick if it was a Christian book because he was so surprised at how much this person loved it. Too, this summer when I was doing a booksigning at a bookstore in Michigan, a retired Methodist minister came in and bought a copy. I heard later from the bookstore manager that he had been in again and had made a point of telling her how much he liked it. Therefore, I guess it’s not altogether impossible that it fits in the Christian genre, at least marginally.

So, when I read the other day that Christian bookstores will only buy books that have a special designation, and that we could apply for one to expand our market potential, AND, wanting to make sure the message is spread as far and wide as possible, I asked my contact at our main distributor if we ought to seek the designation. (I’m not naming the type of designation or the distributors involved as I don’t particularly want to stir anything up in case someone is searching for those terms on Google.) At first she thought that might be something for us to do, but then I asked her if she thought metaphysical bookstores might be put off by it and she thought I should check with a few of my friends who are metaphysical bookstore owners to see if it would be a factor when they were going through the catalogs. But THEN, she revealed the kicker, and I realized that I wouldn’t need to bother checking. She said that the company that distributes to the Christian bookstores, and is also the largest regular distributor going, actually keeps the designated Christian books in a separate room! She inferred—with thinly veiled disdain—that it was to keep them from being tainted by the “regular” books! That was enough of a clue for me. I will not be seeking the special designation for Recreating Eden. While it may seem a little far out, just seeing the word separate made me know that we don’t want to be a part of that!

I do feel that there are many Christians—as well as Jews, Muslims, Pagans, Buddhists, and people of all religions and of no religion—who are meant to read Recreating Eden and whose encoded memories will fire upon reading it and who will embrace the message and know it is for them. But when they find it, I guess it won’t be in a Christian bookstore!

Speaking of have sold out of Recreating Eden again, but in my above-mentioned conversation with the distributor rep., I found out that another shipment of 11 books is headed to Amazon today (Tuesday), so even though Amazon now says "usually ships in 11 to 14 days," it won't take that long. Also, has copies in stock and will ship within 24 hours. And of course, if you order it through our website, we will get it out to you faster than that! AND, the author will sign it for you if you like. (wink) You never know--it may be collectible some day...

On another note, wooohoooo! It's March! The month when Spring begins.

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Janet Mountcastle said:

I have been living where I am for three years. My husband has lived here for over twelve.My backyard consists of a four foot wide concrete walk which has a six and 1/2 foot tall rock wall.The wall separates the back yard which is slooping rocky woods that was invaded by poision ivy. For the past three years my husband has laughed at me saying that I looked like the US armed forces fighting the insurgents . So far I can see this year it looks like I am winning!
Eventually I will have my own little Eden but it will take LOVE time and money.
When I show your book to my friends in Egypt.I will also refer them to your web and to purchase it that way.
I was raised Catholic but I now belong to my husbands church. The Lutherns.I like the Lutherns because they do not have the negativity and the strickness that the catholic church
had. Pastors are treated as other members who have a calling to teach the words of Christ.
They have a book study group. I would like to introduce your book to that circle but I know that they are limited in there awareness because the early Catholic church controlled people by FEAR.I see this has trickled down to most of the christian churches.I respect everybodys own individual journey so I just try to show love and do not talk aout my own personal agendas with them. Unfortunately they would not understand the oneness. They would say the only way we could be in oneness is by following what the church mandates as following the bible. I know you know about all of that. I enjoy going to the service because I love praying as a group.I also make my husband and his Mother beam with love when I accompany them. It gives me the experience of making the old members smile with my hugs .Some of them are very lonely.
I heard recently a statement from John Hoague that he feels the the last letter from the LADY OF FATIMA reveals the evoluation of the Christian church. The girl who became a nun( Sister Lucia) who saw the vision died about two weeks ago.I pray for the church to grow and get rid of the FEAR.
I agree that I would be attracted to vocal toning like a duck is attracted to water. Can not wait to read about it. Thanks again for your responces. Love, Janet

Julia said:

I think you will really love Traveling the Sacred Sound Current. I've been reading it tonight and it is really wonderful!
I wouldn't count everyone at your church out on understanding Oneness. You might be surprised!
Back to reading the sacred sound book!
Love and Joy,

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