Lovely birthday

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p class="MsoNormal">As it turns out, 51 feels a lot like 50. It was a lovely birthday, and Rick did a wonderful job of making it extra special. When I got up this morning, the traditional birthday banner was up and a present and card were on the table to greet me. He violated our agreed-upon spending limit and had two additional presents hidden in the kitchen. I now have Traveling the Sacred Sound Current: Keys for Conscious Evolution by Deborah Van Dyke and the companion CD AND a new personal stereo to listen to it on. I am excited to read the book. I’ve only had a chance to read a few pages but it looks wonderful.


Since 1987, when I discovered vocal toning, I have been enamored of using sound for healing and transformation. At that point, there were very few people doing that work, especially in my area, and I taught toning classes and led toning groups back in North Carolina. It was wonderful to do that sacred work in a regular group. Such a catalyst for growth! The classes were always popular, and though most of what I taught came from a deep knowing without any training other than reading the classic, Toning by Laurel Elizabeth Keyes, I never doubted myself or my guidance about it (what a blessed experience that was!) and always discovered new and exciting facets of it to explore. As it turns out, much of what I intuitively knew and shared with the classes is exactly what is being taught now by the large wave of people doing sacred sound work. Pretty cool. Toning is definitely one of the most potent frequency-raising technologies at our disposal, and was part of our toolkits when we first came to Earth. It is a tragedy that we have forgotten the power of our voices, but thank goodness, that is changing!

Back to the birthday. The two youngest of my stepdaughters came over and Rick and the girls and I played a few rounds of a fairly mindless game called Racko, which was fun. Then we just hung out till it was time for the girls to go back to their mom’s house. Rick and I went out for dinner—back to the Bridgewater Grill at the Golden Hotel again—but this time, I was not kidnapped. I had exactly the same items for dinner as last time (half a calamari salad, seared ahi with lobster in buerre blanc, crème brulee) and it was delicious, but not quite as fabulous as before. I think there was different kitchen personnel involved or something. Still, I’d have thought it was utterly amazing if it were the first time I’d had it, so not complaining! Mostly, it was nice to be out on a date with my hubby. He was going to try to pull a prank on me and see if he could get the desk guy to loan him a key card so he could try and make me think we were going to spend the night again, but he remembered the stricken look on my face from my previous “kidnapping,” not to mention all the times I’m made him swear he won’t do that again, and thought the better of it. Smart man!

Remember Matty’s journal on the Mayan Majix website? I know some of you keep up with it regularly because you found it via my blog, and that some of you found my blog via Matty’s journal. Well, Matty had some new stuff posted in the last day or two, and she talked about Recreating Eden again. (Thanks, Matty!) I loved what she said and I know it will help even more people find us. I emailed with their webmaster today, and he told me they have visitors from 109 countries! You just have to love the World Wide Web. Such a wonderful way for us to all find each other!

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3 Comments said:

Wow,Julia you are cool! I have really never heard of vocal toning.I recently read something about each chord being in a different charka.Over the years being a musical entertainer I witnessed that different vocal pitches with certain chords seem to excite or enlighten people to joy.Is this envolved with vocal toning? I have just bought both books.This has been one of my recent quests of knowledge. I did not even think that you would have a answer to something that I did not even ask.WoW! What a sweet husband you have. I find it interesting that he had bought you that book yesterday and I wrote to you about the power of the voice. WoW isn't GOD GREAT! Much joy and love, Janet

Julia said:

Yep--that's how it works--when you're following your Spirit, you turn out to be not only fulfilling yourself, you're answering somebody else's prayers--even the ones they did not know they had prayed! It's very cool when you are able to see the results of it, but most often, you can't, but having faith that it's always occurring gives you extra incentive to keep on obeying God In You. I think we all love knowing that following our Spirits really IS helping others, in ways that are visible, as well as invisible!
It's a neat system, huh?!
Love that you're going to be exploring sacred sound!

Julia said:

These comment boxes are a challenge because they don't let you look at the message you're replying to while you're commenting, so I forget things I wanted to say! Anyway....
YES, what you're describing with the responses to various notes is related to toning. Toning is using the voice to wrap around, amplify, and enhance a frequency as well as offer it so that it can raise up anything in its path. POWERFUL. I can tell that you already know a lot about this, even if not consciously at this point. You'll take to it like a duck to water like I did.
If you come to the St. Francisville weekend, we'll be doing some group toning there. Imagine that in the amphitheater at Hemingbough...I get chills just thinking about it!

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