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My mom’s best friend made her transition yesterday. Not only were they close, she was like a second mother to me for much of my life. When Kennedy was assassinated and my folks were out of town, it was she who picked me up at school, took me to her house, and helped me cope. When I experienced my "time of the month" for the very first time, with my parents away on a trip, it was she who nurtured me through my passage. When I was an adult, struggling to understand the events and influences that shaped who I was, it was she who lovingly gave me the objective perspective on my upbringing. Some of my most important lessons were the simple ones she taught just by being there. And there was the power of her example.

She was a strong Southern woman: a crusader for the downtrodden, a voice for the voiceless, a political groundbreaker, and civil rights and community activist. She was a tireless volunteer for the many causes she championed, and one of the most open-minded, open-hearted people I have ever known. She was a deeply spiritual person, always willing to try on new ideas and different ways of seeing things. I think she would have liked Recreating Eden. I know she would have been proud of me for writing it. We had many conversations about my purpose in the world, and though I don’t know that she completely comprehended what I was about (even I didn’t until fairly recently), she told me that whatever I did, no matter how insignificant it might seem, was important, and that I was special just for being. Those are powerful messages to give to a young woman.

She had a cerebral hemorrhage a number of years ago and never fully recovered. Her mind never functioned the same and she was never able to live independently again. I guess it was her turn to receive from others. But just because she needed a lot of help didn’t mean she wasn’t contributing still. I’ll always remember the time I visited her in the convalescent home where she stayed when she was first out of the hospital after the hemorrhage. As I made my way to her wing, before she saw me coming, I spotted her a ways down the hall, sitting in a wheelchair, talking to someone. As I approached, I heard her sharing words of encouragement—doing her best to cheer up a fellow patient. She didn't even know where she was, yet she was trying to help someone else! And as sad as I was that her mental faculties were diminished and that much of her life as she had lived it was over, I knew then that the essential being was still in that body. She’s left it now, and I’m sad for the loss. However I’m also joyous that she is completely free again, and I’m absolutely positive she’s going to be very busy in the next world, doing her thing. My mom is in the hospital at the moment, in a lot of pain from a spinal disk fracture, and I would not be a bit surprised if she has a little extra help from the spirit realm in the coming days.

See you later, Mom #2.

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Janet said:

Yes, She is free and I like to think that you have another one who will still be loving and supporting you to continue doing your purpose here. She sounds like her mission here very much included you. My best spirtual friend is my Mother who was the head nurse in a intensive care hospital for years. She loved her work so much that she said that she would of done it for free. My Father was financually secure and really did not want her to work. She has been in a Boston Alzheimer's home since my Fathers passing 5 years ago. She started losing her brillant mind years ago but is like your friend in that her spirit still just wants to LOVE,LOVE, LOVE.She still wants to help others just like your friend. She can not really talk in sentences anymore but still can play the piano.I have felt honored to have had a woman with so much grace for a Mother. By the way she is a native of Denver.
I just purchased the CD by Deborah Van Dyke that is the companion CD to her book,"" Traveling the Sacred Sound Current."" Your Rick sure has good taste.
My husband and I have a little ritual of lighting candles for prayers for people.
( It's probally from my Catholic upbringing.)I will light one for your Mother tonight. My husband had his back fused two years ago so I have seen the pain of a warn out spine. I went to a Chiropractor a few years ago and was one of the fortunate ones that he helped me. Love, Janet

Julia said:

The notification that there was a comment to my blog entry came in just as I was thinking about the memorial service in North Carolina that should be finishing up about now. I was feeling a little sad and your message helped me feel more connected. Wonderful timing!
I am most appreciative of you lighting a candle for my mother. That is really lovely of you!
I confess that I haven't listened to the CD that goes with the book yet--I keep seeing it there, like a delicious treat that I'm saving for just the right moment! Don't know why I've waited, but I'll just trust in Divine timing!
Love and Joy,

Julia said:

Your mother must be proud that her daughter is such a loving being, too.

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