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Well, I just have to tell you of my “heroic” journey yesterday. If you read my last blog entry, you’ll remember that I needed to drive down to Colorado Springs to take a box of books to the store that is selling books for the Celebration Fair next month. When I talked to the store owner Tuesday, and had the inspiration to drive them on down, I said, “The weather looks like it’s going to be great for driving this week.” (Hmmm…) Then I thought to myself “Ooooh—I hope I didn’t jinx it—I sure wouldn’t want to have to drive in the snow.” I don’t travel in bad weather. As a Southern girl, I learned that if a snowflake falls, hunker down with your cocoa and let somebody else risk life and limb to go to the store for bread and milk. (You know—I figured people in Colorado would be blasé about snow, and they are more relaxed about it, BUT, the bread and milk supply at the store evaporates when snow starts to fall just like in the South, and the weather folks here make like it’s a major event, too. Every time it snows! Go figure.)

Anyway, I got up and got going early so I could get on down there and back in time to rest up a little before having dinner with Rick’s mom prior to seeing stepdaughter #1 in the musical. The day began with clear skies, then it clouded up—no big deal—the weather prognosticators were calling for zero precipitation. When I was backing out of the driveway, and noticed what looked like small pieces of lint blowing around, I was not concerned—but called Rick to see if they had revised the forecast. He checked and then called me back. “Nope—zero precipitation is forecast, though the current weather in Colo. Springs says it’s snowing lightly. They said it’s a weak system that backed up against the mountains, and it’ll be finished by the time you get there,” he assured me. By this time, I’m well south of Denver and it was, no doubt, snowing. But, no worries—it’s about over. (Hmmm…) There were two crashes on the interstate, and traffic crept along, making the trip about twice as long as normal, and by the time I got to Colorado Springs, it was snowing so hard, I couldn’t even see the building that was one of the landmarks I was supposed to locate to know where to turn! But I found the store, delivered the books, and got back on the road again as fast as possible. It was still a blizzard as I left, and it looked like a white fairyland, but by the time I got halfway back to Denver, it was blue skies and sunshine and no snow to be seen! Crazy. I do believe I created the whole freakish thing because of my issues about traveling in precipitation. When you worry about something, you’re giving it creative juice…

Stepdaughter #1 is spectacular in her starring role in the musical. The best part is that she looks SO happy—totally in her element. It’s wonderful to see someone you love doing something that matches who they are and brings them—and everyone else—so much joy. What a blessing! Imagine a world where everyone had “found themselves.”

Something I wanted to mention about yesterday was that while I was in the store waiting for the manager to check in the books, I heard a young lady at the cash register say that she was “looking for love.” I had to bite my tongue not to say, “You don’t have to look far! You’ve already got access to all the Love there is!” Now, I know what she meant was that she is looking for partnership, and for someone to be in relationship with. But as someone who has manifested her soulmate, I can tell her that having someone to be in partnership with is fabulous, but the only Love there is comes from God In You. If you feel more Love in the presence of someone else, it’s just because that person catalyzes a greater flow of Love/ Life Force through you. You don’t get Love from someone else—you get it from God. Period. It’s your Love—the love of God In You—that you feel whenever you feel Love, not someone else’s. But I know what it is like to long for someone to catalyze that Love. Here’s the cool thing—if you initiate a romance with your Spirit, you will not only experience the only perfect Love there is, you will become attractive to another human being who has the same healthy relationship with God In Them. And believe me, if you want to be happy in a partnership, it had better be clear to you both that it’s really all about your relationship with God.

One more thing—About my meeting with Jeff Herman—he is awesome and it went great! And that’s all I’m going to say for now…

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