Stress releasing (put your slime shields up!)

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It’s a tall order, staying joyous when the politicians in Washington are selling out our wilderness for a few more barrels of fossil fuel. And that’s just one of the crimes against nature being perpetrated by the unconscious, not just in our nation’s capital, but all over the world. It’s enough to make me weep. Yet staying joyful is the task at hand. To seek and experience joy unconditionally. No matter what level of insanity appears in the world of duality that swirls around us. Joy—for joy’s sake—is the antidote. It is easier some times than others, but no less vital when it’s difficult. Of course, when the urge to weep comes up, it is not wise to deny it.

It’s rather humorous when I consider that the message I feel compelled to get out to the world boils down to "YOU HAVE TO BE JOYOUS—OR ELSE!" I mean, how inspiring or effective is that, anyway? Let alone, joyous. Not very. But sometimes what I want to do is run around and grab people by the shoulders, shake them and yell “DON’T YOU KNOW HOW SELFISH IT IS FOR YOU TO BE IN YOUR PISSY MOOD?" But what would that accomplish, really? A black eye for me, maybe! Of course you can’t tell people they HAVE to do anything and expect it to do anything but backfire. If I can’t be unconditionally joyous, how can I possibly expect everybody else to? Especially since most don't have a clue that their frequency impacts everyone else's. I understand that I need to rise above. I understand that the only one that needs to concern me is me…sort of. While I see that, if I’m the one that most feels the calling to preach it, I’d better be the one doing it, it’s still frustrating to know that only a teensy fraction of humanity understands that their joy is most likely going to make the difference between living and dying, between ascending and flaming out. I feel such a strong need to get this message out and get people to wake up to the very real responsibility we have to lift the planet up. But, obviously, it has to be done more effectively than using the “shaking people” method would be!

I know—I need to get a grip. I’m working on it. But hey—it’s healthy to release strong emotion so it doesn’t block the flow. In fact, it’s vital to get the energy moving so that I can get back to joy. I hope this diatribe is not bringing you down! I checked in with guidance to see if I should even post it, and the answer was “Yes.” I did warn you to put your shields up. I hope you took me at my word!

Unless I end up with a lot more time than I think I’ll have tomorrow, it’ll be a few days before I blog again. I’m going to Colorado Springs tomorrow to deliver a bunch of books to the bookstore who will be selling them at the Celebration Fair. Tomorrow night, we’re going to see Stepdaughter #1 starring in the community theater production, and early Saturday morning, I have an appointment with Jeff Herman, a big-deal literary agent from New York, who is in town for CIPA College (Colorado Independent Publisher’s Association’s conference). And no—I’m not sure why I made an appointment with him—but I guess I’ll find out! Ought to be educational at the very least. Anyway, I will need to go to bed about as soon as I get home from the performance tomorrow night, so unless something major happens that I can’t wait to tell you about, it’ll be Saturday night before I write again.

I trust by then, I’ll have lightened up again! It is now safe to put your shields back down. Frustrated Julia has left the building.

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