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I think I told you I’ve been working on a magazine article on joy—well, I took a couple of days off due to other things that needed to get done, and when I came back to it today, it had morphed. Morphed as in, it had become a new article. Whereas I’d had at least two thirds of it done, today I realized I need to take it back to the beginning of the second paragraph. I thought it was pretty decent before, but apparently, it was not what most needed to be said. So, I basically started over. I use dowsing rods when I’m writing, by the way, to check things to be sure they are correct, not just in content, but in their energy—and, to check to be sure that I’ve hit the target with what I’m saying. There’s an awful lot of things one could focus on in an article on joy, but with a 1300-word limit, I need to make the most of them. Naturally, I also have developed the skill of paying attention to the energy in my body when I’m reading over what I’ve written to make sure there are no energy snags or frequency drops. If I have any sense that something isn’t quite accurate or not what needs to be said or something’s out of place, I’ll usually pull out the rods and check. I was so focused on getting things just right when I wrote Recreating Eden, I dowsed every word in it, plus about three or four times more words than made it into the book.

It’s an interesting process. It’s like having a dialog—but with whom? I think I've mentioned before that it’s been made clear to me that I am not to attribute what I write to channeled entities, yet I frequently have the sense that I’m picking up on specific energies that could be attributed to specific beings. The message I’ve gotten about that is that if my message to the world is about Oneness consciousness, then designating the source of the information as coming from this ascended master or that ascended master is counter to purpose. Since it all is from the Great Mind of God, and since any ascended master is way past any ego need to receive credit, I am not to label where the information comes from because for one thing, I don’t truly know! Fortunately, there’s a system in place to assure that whatever I’m receiving from whomever won’t make it into what I’m writing if I’m not sure it comes into my mind through God In Me—the guardian of energy quality.

Have you ever put yourself on the spot to be a channel for wisdom through God Mind? It’s awesome. It’s challenging in the sense that your main job is getting your left brain and ego mind out of the way so that you get accurate, higher frequency information, but it is such a powerful way to connect up and feel the energy of higher frequency, it’s definitely worth hanging in there for. And it’s a perfect way to observe your process—if you’re properly surrendered to your Spirit, and thus, aligned, you get a free flow of energy information that holds together and is harmonious. If you’re not, you get something lesser. It’s kind of like biofeedback! If I’m feeling disconnected and want to feel connected, one of my favorite ways is to sit down to write—to sit down with the intention of connecting. I highly recommend it as a way to put yourself in alignment. As I told someone yesterday, the same essences and wisdom I’m attuned with are available to you. There’s no exclusivity on the Great Mind of God—those who intend to receive and provide a container for it pour into—AND who make it clear that they won’t accept anything less than the highest frequency information—will be enthusiastically provided for by Higher Intelligence and will receive all the wisdom and Love they can handle! And Heaven knows, we can all use more wisdom and Love!

So, rewriting the article was not the hassle it might have been--it was a cool experience that opened up a bunch of new insights. I still have a little ways to go (the deadline is Tuesday), and though I'm not yet clear on where it's going, I know that finishing it will be a cool adventure!

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