Becky Rogers: a Peaceful Transition

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This is Rick, Julia’s husband, writing this short message at Julia’s request. Julia will be back in a few days to take up the pen again.

Julia’s mom passed away about 11:30 yesterday (Sunday) morning. Julia was able to spend time with her Saturday night after arriving from Denver. Her mom was peaceful, and slipped away very gradually as her breathing grew more and more shallow.

Julia is comforted by the fact that the trip home seemed so blessed. She departed Denver only hours before the start of a big snow storm that closed the airport. She was guided to make her return flight for Wednesday, with no external knowledge to reinforce that message. Her mother’s service is now scheduled for Tuesday, so the trip was just what was needed so she could be with her family in the time when it was most important that she be there to help.

Julia plans to keep her speaking engagement this weekend at the Celebration Fair in Colorado Springs (details at Please join us there if you feel moved to do so!




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