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This is going to be a quick one--I'm getting packed to go home in the morning. Mom's condition rapidly deteriorated overnight last night, and she's had a 105-degree temp much of the day. As the nurses told my sisters, an adult doesn't come back from that without serious brain damage. She's not coming back. She is peaceful now, and breathing very shallow-ly and seems to be in no pain. It's just a matter of time. Both my sisters and my dad have told her that I'm on the way but that she should not wait for me to get there. The funny part is that she was probably wishing she could speak so she could tell them she'd already heard that! My mom's Gemini mind doesn't appreciate repetition too much!

I feel oddly at peace myself. It's really sad--and yet, it's not. I just have to keep remembering that she has completed her mission and is on her way to reunion with pure Light.

More wonderful, clearly angelic things have happened in this situation, and I wish I had time to share them now, but I need to go pack. If I'm done at a decent time, I might come back and add some. Otherwise, I'm signing off for awhile and I'll chime back in when conditions allow!

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