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I mentioned recently that my mother was in the hospital with a fractured vertebra. I am really too exhausted to tell the whole long tale, but so you’ll get the gist, I’ll paste in the email I sent out today. I got many loving, supportive responses to it:

Dear Friends and Family,

Please hold my mom in the healing Light. It appears she is deciding if it is time to make her transition. After several weeks of excruciating pain from a fractured disk, she was unable to have the surgery to repair it today because she was too weak, not breathing well, and not lucid. She has not eaten in a week and has been on heavy pain medication, which has not fully relieved her discomfort and she's suffering. She's quite a tough soul, but at almost 84, and with a pile of chronic medical conditions, and now this, it may be that she is ready to go. And it may not be. Obviously, only God knows. So I ask you to send Love and prayers for the highest possible outcome, whatever it may be, and grace, strength, and guidance for our family.

A special prayer for my dad would be appreciated as well.

I'm waiting for more information from my sisters who are there with them--and from my inner guidance--to know when I need to head to North Carolina.

Thanks in advance.



Well…just prior to sending this out, I had the urge to call my friend Brenda, who is a Reiki master, and see if she would do some long distance healing for Mom. She not only agreed, she said she would notify the global Reiki network she’s a part of and have them send energy as well so that Mom could use it for staying or going or whatever her needs were, and send energy to the rest of the family, too. I was SO grateful for that, of course. While she and I talked, she coached me to listen closely to my Spirit and to stand in that truth, and not let fear, obligation, shoulds, or other influences make vital decisions, but to move in concert with my highest wisdom. Really excellent advice anytime, but especially now!

I will say that I was already feeling an extra powerful sense of connection, thank God, but hearing her speak it was SO helpful. She spoke of current cosmic influences and the energy shifts and told me about a bombardment of gamma rays that is ongoing right now, and how they’re really affecting fluids—Earth’s fluids, and our body fluids. She told me she’d been eating bananas galore because of some property of the bananas that helps the body harmonize the gamma radiation. Hmmm…Brenda is very perceptive, so however “out there” that sounds, I don’t know that it can hurt to eat some bananas, and after avoiding them for carb reasons, they sound extra appealing (no pun intended)!

So, cutting to the chase, I was trying to figure out whether it was time to go to North Carolina—or not time. I kept “hearing” that it wasn’t time yet, but with things being so grave, I got clothes and my suitcase out so that if the word came that I need to head out, I wouldn’t be making my decisions under even more stress. Then I realized that I might not have the chance to get some vital errands done that I had planned to do tomorrow, so thought I’d better go out and get them taken care of. Of course, I took my cell phone in case. I had been so, so thirsty all day long, even though I had been drinking water heavily and hadn’t had anything to eat that would normally cause me to need more water than usual. I was standing in line at the grocery store (with bananas in my cart!), feeling so very dry and thirsty again, when it suddenly came to me. MOM NEEDS FLUIDS!!! It was just crystal clear to me that it was a big part of why she’d gone into a decline. She was not on IV fluids at the hospital, and hadn’t been drinking or eating. In fact every time I called in the last week, she was so parched, she could barely speak, and what she said was largely unintelligible. Now, wouldn’t you think the doctors or nurses would have been on top of that? Sheesh! Not going to waste energy on blame, but it doesn’t add to my already-minute confidence in the medical system.

Anyway, I hustled on home and called my sister and wouldn’t let her say a word past “hello,” till I had delivered my pronouncement. I said, “I heard loud and clear from my guidance that Mom needs fluids RIGHT NOW! Dehydration is SERIOUS—kill you serious! COMA serious!” She said, “Wow. That’s amazing—she’s now on IV fluids and it has perked her right up! She even had some beef broth from the stew they served for supper. The nurse said just what you said, and stayed 45 minutes after her shift to call the doctor, get orders, and install the IV and make sure it was working right before she left.” (Clearly, an angel.) She said that Mom even seemed to be in less pain once the drip was going. Well no surprise—dehydration is nothing to mess around with! Even a healthy person will decline in a week’s time with so little water! Sooooo, while she may not be out of the woods, she is in a patch of light somewhere near the edge of the woods. For now, I will be in Denver. I will know when the time comes for me to go.

And here’s a really, really neat goose-bump postscript. Remember my tribute to my mom’s best friend who died last week? Her name was Winsie. Today, after the aborted surgery, they brought mom to the nursing facility in the progressive care community where she and Dad recently moved. She’s sharing a room with a woman who, according to my sisters, was just fascinating—95 years old, regularly tutoring kids from her bed, etc. They heard her life story because a teacher from the elementary school came this afternoon to interview her. Ann and Linda (my sisters) were talking to her afterward and she said to them, “I’m just so glad to have a roommate again. I’ve missed Winsie so much!” They had put Mom in Winsie's bed! How cool is that?

It’s stuff like that that helps you remember that everything IS in Divine Order and that you are always being watched over. And that prayers are powerful.

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Just wanted to thank you for your kind words...I guess we all appreciate it when they are given. I am so very proud to watch your evolution and how gracefully you are passing through these times of uncertainty. I'm delighted that you felt the pouring of love from those of us, some who know your mother, some who remember you but all who are part of this amazing family of souls who are gathering in loving support of one another at this time. Isn't is great to be aware as we pass through the eye of the needle that we are not alone and that we are all going to make it just fine?????
Hugs and much love, dear friend,

Janet said:

As I leave for Egypt tomarrow I will have a day of airports and a night flight to Cairo. Since I will be traveling alone I will have have plenty of time to send love energy for your Mother as well as you and your whole family.I thank Brenda for a reminder that we will not pass through the needle alone.
Remember that your book will be one of my companions. I am looking forward to showing it to others on our journeys in Egypt. Love, Janet

Julia said:

I am so very grateful to have such a wonderful, supportive spiritual family. Your encouraging words and loving energy mean so much. You're both awesome.
Janet--travel safely and with the knowing that you are escorted by angels and surrounded in Light! I'm so pleased that Recreating Eden is going with you! I'll be thinking of you on your journey. Hope you're going to keep a journal! Maybe you will post about your trip when you have a chance after you return.
Love and Joy,

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