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First, the Mom report. She was, somewhat miraculously, much improved today! All the energy and prayers are working (thank you SO much), and while she’s still not quite lucid, she’s eating soft food again and tonight when my sister, Ann, showed her a photo of her granddaughter (Mom’s great-granddaughter), her face lit up and she smiled. As she still doesn’t seem to even know who Ann is, that was huge! Her pain seems to be under control, her oxygen levels and blood pressure are where they should be again, and she is no longer agitated. Of course, all her many health problems are still there, and who can say what her quality of life is going to be, but as we’ve been praying for Divine Will, we will trust that God knows what needs to happen. My dad sounded so relieved tonight—not that he is kidding himself about the gravity of the situation, but just that the love of his lifehis wife of 62 yearsis still on the planet, and not suffering like she was.

As for me, I woke up this morning unnaturally—I had meant to sleep late as I was so tired from the excitement/stress of yesterday. That was not to be as the next door neighbor had landscapers in her yard early, tilling and doing who knows what with loud gas engines to prep her yard for new landscaping. Ack! Not easy to sleep with engines droning loudly so close to your bedroom! When I got up, I was dragging badly and realized my adrenals, which are a challenge for me in the best of circumstances, were exhausted. So, knowing that if I needed to be strong to fly home, etc., I would need to be in better condition, I decided to commit to resting and self-nurturing. I got little else done today—I did a moderate workout to burn off some of the nerve stuff—and not much work. It seemed to me that taking care of my body and my emotions was my highest choice—after all, without them, I’m not able to do much! I kept checking in with my guidance to see if it was time to head east, but continually got a “No.” One thing for sure about a crisis situation is that it really calls you to impeccability. I have had to practice what I preach, and it has kept me from being a totally freaked-out mess. I have been staying in the moment because that is the only safe place to be.

The only way I have been able to stay out of fear is to keep myself as focused in the now as possible. Sure, I’ve wandered over into fear, but it’s such a rotten space to be in, I’ve scampered quickly back to now. Fear is future orientation—future orientation devoid of faith. Conversely, regret is past orientation—past orientation devoid of grace. When you’re focused in the future, you’re susceptible to fear. When you’re focused in the past, you’re susceptible to regret. Neither space is pleasant or comfortable, out of the flow of Life Force and well-being such that they are. NOW is the address of the Unified Field. Future and past are in the duality matrix. And you know that the duality matrix is NOT a safe place! The present is the only safe place ever, but especially when there are things going on that would tend to polarize you to fear. Even my sisters, who are not particularly metaphysical in their thinking, each mentioned that staying in the moment was the only way they could get through the situation.

Synchronistically, I got my daily inspirational email message from Cynthia at Unifying Fields Foundation this evening, and it was titled “What’s Next?” It was about the technique that she uses to keep from being overwhelmed. Essentially, it’s asking Spirit, “What’s next?” then doing that, and asking “What’s next?” and just following the guidance moment to moment to moment. I thought it was just perfect that this particular message came today. It is a time and a situation where I could easily feel completely overwhelmed—and do, if I look at all the things going on and all I have coming up to do and then add the uncertainty of when I might need to fly home and how that would fit with all the other things. In fact, I was having a little meltdown about all of it when Rick reminded me to stay focused on one task at a time. Then Cynthia’s email came in to reinforce the message.

I really love the messages coming through from Spirit when I am paying attention—something that is far easier to do when you are in the only safe place! And, I might add, the only place of true wisdom.

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