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I do not know when I thought I was going to have time to blog--I'm stealing a minute right now just to say hello and reconnect with you (and myself!) I think I understand why Rick and I don't have an active social life in Denver--Spirit is watching out for my energy level and focus! It's very challenging to stay at higher frequency when you're constantly needing to engage in small talk...Lovely people, but few that I have a resonance with as far as conversational topics!

All the wedding festivities have been lovely and the wedding itself was really special. Becky and Will are so in love and so happy, it's a pleasure to celebrate their new adventure (marriage!). I have eaten too much and though I haven't had a lot of alcohol, it has never suited me to drink in the middle of the day--the reception was from noon till about 3:30, so I'm ready to crawl in bed and veg out. BUT, there's one final party, which I need to be getting ready for NOW. Oh well. I'll be a little late and that is just okay! Thank goodness it's super casual. If had to dress up again--well, I don't even want to think about it!

Great news from Ellen--we've got 2 people flying in from Seattle for the "Joy Fest"! So far, they're the candidates to beat for the award for coming the farthest!

Well, I guess I'll sign off for now and go get ready. I'm determined not to do too much primping--it's a lost cause with the humidity. I can leave the house with my hair looking chic and by the time I get where I'm going, my hair looks like Marge Simpson's without the bow!

I'm so thankful to be staying with my dear friends of 26 years, Steve and Stephanie.I have always loved being in their home, which is in the woods, and being in their energy is so soothing. Steve just gave me a shoulder massage and took down my physical tension level a few notches! Thank you, Spirit for soulmates like that. (There are all kinds of soulmates, you know!)

Hope you weren't looking for a grand metaphysical insight today--alcohol lowers your frequency, as does wedding cake, and you'll have to wait till I clear that out before I channel any higher thought!

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