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This is going to be a quickie--not only is it late and I'm wiped out, I'm on my friend Catherine's Mac and it's like a different world!

We had a great group of 12 here tonight. Everyone really seemed to be into it. I asked them to help me co-create the talk as I felt like I needed all the help I could get, and they came through. I was able to deliver quite a cogent, cohesive view of the "exquisitely simple, divinely ordained plan." I believe everyone that came bought a book, except the ones that already had a copy.

Catherine, Hans, Britt, and Maria and I hung out after the others left and had a fascinating conversation about parallel lives, and about dying and stages of spiritual development. We had the "who created the Creator" conversation, with Maria setting us straight about that being a 3rd dimensional topic since the 3-D rules require a beginning, middle and end, and that it could not be comprehended from a 3-D view. I get that...but still--who started it all?! (big grin)

I'll be doing individual attunements tomorrow for a couple of people. I'm excited about that. Then I'll head over and visit my dad until I go back to Raleigh on Thursday to fly back to Denver.

We're talking about me coming back to Winston-Salem in October for another gathering--maybe in conjunction with the Abraham group that meets. Since so many people have told me how very, very aligned my work is with the Abraham material (and I see it, too), it seems like a nice match. I had several folks tell me tonight how important they feel Recreating Eden is for helping people expand their vision. I've been getting that a lot lately. It certainly is what I think!

It's wonderful to be staying with Catherine--AND her dogs. I've been dog-deficient on this trip, so it is very healing to have Gracie and Coco to fill that hole! Off to bed now...I probably won't have a chance to blog again till I'm back at home base, but you never really know...I guess I could post from Dad's WebTV! (But I wouldn't count on it!)

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