Happy Land, here I come!

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Well—after all the weeks of anticipation, it’s finally time for me to head to Louisiana for the “Joyfest”! I’m busily packing and organizing and generally getting my act together. My flight leaves at 11:25 in the morning and I’m flying into New Orleans and renting a car to drive to St. Francisville. (That was almost exactly the same price as flying to Baton Rouge, which is closer, but which would necessitate a plane change. No Denver to Baton Rouge non-stops!) After my recent trips to NC with always having to go from Denver through some out-of-the-way airport, it will be great not to have to change planes. One take-off and one landing. Nice.

I’m so excited to finally meet Ellen (& company) in person and to see this magical place where she lives. And what an appropriate locale for a weekend devoted to joy—St. Francisville just happens to be in West Feliciana Parrish! Why is that appropriate? “Feliciana” is Spanish for “happy land”! Perfect! Another reason it’s perfect from where I sit right now is that it won’t be snowing. It was 81 degrees and sunny yesterday and today here, but a cold front has moved in and there’s a high of 44 predicted for tomorrow, with a possibility of a rain-snow mix. Ouch! But I’ll be ensconced in balmy Happy Land…

As I’ve been preparing today, I’ve been caught up in a classic ego versus Spirit kind of a struggle—of course, Spirit hasn’t been struggling, but Ego sure has! Ego wants to plan everything down to the minute, and is frustrated that it’s not being done that way, while Spirit is patiently standing by, speaking the truth, which is that it’s impossible to plan that thoroughly at the human level for something which is being orchestrated at the higher frequencies. A lot of planning is a waste of time and not only that, can be an impediment to our being available to go with the flow. There’s no doubt in my mind that there’s a higher wisdom guiding this, and that, while some planning to have a framework to mollify the ego is fine, a lot of planning is simply a block to doing what is intended at the higher levels. Not to mention, this is a co-creation, and much of it will happen chemically and organically. That said, my ego does insist on an outline! And it will have one.

I made a handout today of a “decree” I wrote while I was pretty high in the joy space a couple of months ago. As I looked over the print out of it, it hit me—the outline to the weekend is in the decree! It was parallel to the rough outline I had put together before I had even gone back over my joy notes and found the decree! That was pretty cool.

I’ll have my computer at Shadetree (where I’m staying) and there’s wireless DSL there because Ellen's offices are there, so I will try to blog at least a line or two while I’m gone. I doubt I’ll have a lot of time when I’ll want to be at the computer, but it’s nice to know I can be!

Meantime, please check out this wonderful, inspiring slideshow (its message is very Recreating Eden!): http://www.youarethelightmovie.com/thelight/TheLight.html

And while you’re there, you might enjoy getting to know more about its creator, Mary Robinson Reynolds. (There’s a link at the end of the “movie.”)

Well—I’d better finish my preparations. I’ve got a lot of joy to rest up for! (HUGE grin!)

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Tony said:

Best of luck with your travels. I hope you and all the participants have a great weekend.

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