June is Julia Month

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Do you remember when, a few months ago, I was struggling to remember that all is in Divine Order when I wasn’t selected to be a presenter at a metaphysical conclave after having been asked to apply? And I decided to just trust that, even if I didn’t understand why, that something else was going to come up for me for June? Well, I know what it is. My faith is rewarded with understanding. It’s time to rest, regroup, and renew!

This has been quite a spring, what with my mother’s illness, decline, and death, and the extra travel relative to that, getting shoehorned into what was already a full schedule. I am soooooo looking forward to the Joy weekend in Louisiana, but almost as much, I’m looking eagerly forward to when I can just be here at home and tend to the neglected house and a neglected inner child.

As much as I love to travel, it is wearying, and more than that, it keeps me away from home. And I am SUCH a homebody! These frantic last weeks, have found myself longing for time to work in my garden, which has been in need of TLC for weeks now. Our house is such a jumble from comings and goings and no time to organize. I feel like Spring cleaning—and I really do NOT like to clean! That’s how gross it’s gotten—I am longing for time to clean! I also long for stretches of days where I can follow my energy instead of desperately trying to keep my head above water with business stuff.

You know—after I got word that I hadn’t been one of what turned out to be two presenters (they had said they were selecting four) to be selected, I was pretty bummed. I was further disappointed when nothing seemed to be turning up to do teaching-wise for the summer. Let’s just say that I’m no longer disappointed! I’m thrilled to be having the time and space to contemplate (and write?!) the next in the Recreating Eden series; to add new stuff to the website, to weed the garden (see how desperate I’ve become?!), clean the house, and just savor life. I also have some more grieving to do.

Today, I received a package from my sister, which I haven’t yet opened, containing one of my mother’s sweaters. It’s soft and snuggly and smells of her. I cuddled with it when I was at Dad’s week before last, but left it there. When my sister asked me why I hadn’t taken it with me, I didn’t know. But after giving it some thought, I realized that it was the perfect tool for grieving—nothing like someone’s scent to bring them back into your consciousness. I will not likely open the box till I get back from LA so that when I do, I can spend as much time as I need to letting Sweet Julie commune with her mama.

Yes—I get it now. I understand why June never manifested anything for me to do mission-wise—June is “come back to Julia” month! Woooohoooo!


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