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Today when I sat down to do some attuning with God In Me, and felt I wasn’t really up for an emotional release session, (I’ve been doing a lot of that!) I picked up my clipboard that has all my joy notes in it—all the notes I’ve taken while I’ve been working/playing with the practice of proactive, unconditional joy—and as I looked over the pages, I was struck by the higher wisdom contained on them—wisdom from a level at which I haven’t recently operated, because I’ve had so much emotional congestion. I have had a lot of processing to do, and while I’ve done it pretty diligently, I am by no means “caught up.” Since my mother’s passing, with all the busy-ness, I haven’t really had the chance to just let things flow. So though I’ve been grieving on purpose (which has helped a LOT), as Cris Williamson says in her wonderful song “Cry Cry Cry,” “You cannot tell the river how to run.” It doesn’t work to try to force the process to go faster than it naturally will. So I was just feeling like having a closer attunement with my Spirit, and contemplating whether I could possibly climb up to a level of satisfying communion, what with so much emotional release work still to do.

It’s one of those maddening ironies of the duality matrix that when you most need your highest wisdom and to feel your connection, it’s inaccessible to you (unless you can think to surrender and rise in frequency). When you’re experiencing turmoil and in need of help, it means you’re at lower frequency. When you’re at lower frequency, you do not have access to the highest truth or to joy! But I rediscovered something today that I’ve understood for awhile, but haven’t articulated in writing yet—until now. That is, when you are at higher frequency and receiving insights, it’s valuable to write them down for your “future self” so that when you hit a rough patch and drop in frequency, you can reference them when you need them. What prompts me to bring that up now is that as I was reading over my joy notes—all of them written when I was at a high frequency and experiencing the ecstasy of attunement—I found some really helpful insights that I had forgotten about because that level of perception just hasn’t been available to me in my congested state. I’m going to share a few of the notes I wrote when I was in my wisdom that I found especially helpful today. I was so glad that I had written them! (They were written before my mother made her transition—it is almost as if I wrote them to help what was then my “future self.”)

¨ Grief is a logical result of investment in the duality matrix where there is a failure to understand Oneness, and a false belief that because a form changes, something is lost. It is due to the inability to stay fully in the moment, allowing Creation to freely shift and rearrange. Trying to hold on to forms is the root cause of grief.

¨ Grieving and clearing out stagnant energy—energy congestion—is a vital part of rising in frequency to joy. You can’t raise your frequency but so far until you clear your emotional congestion. Your joy quotient is inversely proportional to your emotional congestion.

¨ To seek joy is to seek reunion with your Spirit. To grieve is to seek reunion with your Spirit.

¨ When you cry, you are seeking to get closer to your Spirit—releasing the stagnant emotional energy is removing a barrier between where you are and where you long to be. Every such act of healing is holy. Your tears are sacred.

¨ When you cry, you are crying over the loss of alignment with your Spirit. When you grieve, no matter the ostensible reason, you are grieving over the lack of feeling of God In You.

¨ With every tear, every sob, every gulp for air, know that the barrier between you and your true Love, God In You, dissolves a little more.

Just reading over these truths that I wrote when I was “high” enough to perceive them was like having a hand up. By the time I had read through my joy notes, I had reconnected with what it felt like to be in that state, was higher in frequency, and dipping into joy a bit. I highly recommend jotting down your insights so that you can access them when you need them!

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