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What a lovely day! At last, for the first time since before Mom made her transition, I experienced that heart-leaping-up joy again, for no particular reason that I can definitely pinpoint, other than I did the things that I know raise my frequency. For the last 2 months, it's felt like I was stuffed with cotton, and the energy didn’t feel like it was moving much unless I was engaged in “on-purpose” grieving. And I never really made it to the joy-space—that holy place within, where I so love to be—till this morning.

One reason I believe I was able to break through the padded casing that has seemed to enclose me, is that I finally have time with no extraneous activities looming, I have an understanding of some specific Spirit-directed tasks that need to be done that are things that I enjoy doing—and I’ve been doing them. My ego really, really likes an easy-to-perceive plan (even when I know darn well that the plan is subject to change at a moment’s notice), and my soul really likes for the time and space concerns to be minimal so that I can get in the flow without feeling like I’m going to have to limit my experience. When there’s a plan that is appealing, my ego can let go and relax and stop choking down on me. And when that plan matches up with my passion AND I am free to pursue it, that seems to be a recipe for elevation! It was also hugely impactful that I used "Joy" essential oil blend, listened to my joy music (Andreas Vollenweider and Earth Wind and Fire) and did some channeling of my Spirit in writing.

I’ve been meaning to set up some teleseminars but hadn’t gotten around to it yet, but this morning, I was offered the opportunity to do one, and someone else will set it up. I love that! I guess the Universe got tired of waiting for me to get going on it. This will be a bonus offering for Barbara Rose’s Amazon best seller campaign for Stop Being the String Along next week. I am excited about the topic I’ll be offering, too. Here is the blurb for it:

Got a Problem? Raise Your Frequency!

Raising your frequency is the solution—now, what was your problem? In this eye-opening teleseminar, Julia Rogers Hamrick, visionary, teacher, and author of Recreating Eden, will enlighten you about the remarkable, problem-solving function the Creator built into the Divine Design, and share techniques for activating its magic to solve—or dissolve—your problems, and begin creating a trouble-free life!

The teleseminar will be July 12 at 9 p.m. EDT. So buy Barbara’s book on June 15 from Amazon, submit your receipt (, and she’ll give you the code so you can attend for free. Barbara’s gotten a slew of great bonuses together—far beyond the other campaigns I’ve seen. I’ll be sending out an email for it on June 15, so look out for it. If you’re not on my mailing list, sign up now so you can get the scoop on all the bonuses!

I’ve also finally gotten a page ready to be put up that gives information on having an attunement with me. I’m ready to stop resisting the persistent nudges I’ve been getting from Spirit to open that up again. I’ve enjoyed doing attunements in person lately on my trips and know it’s time to offer them here in Denver, both in person and over the phone. It’s been many years since I opened myself up for doing attunements, as the last time I actively offered them, I let some people come back for more even though I felt they were avoiding taking responsibility for developing their own inner guidance and I should have said “No—go attune with your Spirit and figure things out for yourself,” and I felt yucky about that, so I stopped doing them and have avoided getting back into it until a few months ago. But I’ve matured greatly since then, and trust that I will be better able to manage that aspect of things. Besides, what I’m offering now is at a whole different level. The new attunements page should be up by tomorrow.

Today was “Gotcha Day” for Lilah, our little red dachsie girl. She’s been with us for 3 years. My, how time flies! It seems like only yesterday that she was an eight-week-old puppy, waking me up at the crack of dawn to go potty and jump around and generally boogy woogy all over me on the couch while I struggled to keep my eyes open and hand her chew toys! I was “only” 48 at the time, but that was way too old for raising a baby puppy! We tried to find a rescue dachsie for a companion for Roly when Luna died, but nothing panned out—I guess Lilah was our destiny. Anyway, it all paid off and she’s a cool dog now. Crazy—but cool. She fits right in around here. Happy Gotcha Day, Miss Lilah Jane!



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