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I sure didn’t mean for it to be so long between entries, but I’ve been a busy beaver. I’ve just finished a major article (approx. 2500 words) for Innerchange, the holistic magazine in the Triangle area of North Carolina (it's both print and online). I’ll be doing a talk and workshop in Raleigh in early October through Spiritual Frontiers Fellowship, so wanted to get this in the August-September newsletter. That, plus all the stuff that was involved in supporting Barbara Rose’s best seller campaign, and getting my attunement page up, has taken my writing energy. (Getting the attunement page up when I did was clearly all in Divine Order, because within a couple of days of putting it up, someone brand new to the site booked an hour appointment! She’s from the foothills near Denver, so she’s coming in person.)

AND, since I last checked in, we’ve had more torrential rains and basement flooding, with the attendant bailing and such. (Thanks to stepdaughter #2 for acting as the cavalry and riding to the rescue when Rick couldn’t get here fast enough to help me.) We have realized that we need all new gutters, downspouts, and roof. The roofing contractor who came to give an estimate on the gutters and downspout said that we had major hail damage on the roof, so the insurance company should pay for it, too. We’re waiting for an adjuster to come assess it, but after so many severe storms over the last week and a half, they are very busy. My fingers are crossed that we have only clears skies and gentle rain between now and when this all gets resolved!

I have a major--but secret for now--project starting tomorrow. I'll let you in on it when it feels that the time is right and the energy is stable enough that it won't be depleted by sharing. But please send Love energy its way--this project will help us all.

As far as my emotional healing process goes, I have my sad moments, but haven’t felt the grief so powerfully lately. A friend’s father has been in the dying process over the last week, and he made his transition today. They were especially close and with her mother, sister, and brother already gone, it’s really a wrenching loss for her. (If you could stop right now for a second and send a prayer for her comfort, that would be lovely). Since her dad was in a similar situation, I have been sharing with her all that I learned when Mom was going through her transition. My friend was concerned that it was bumming me out to do so, but actually, it was so nice to be able to look back on the whole thing and see the beauty and order in it all, and to use that to help somebody else. I know Mom would like knowing that.

Today it has been fun to see the emails coming in that say that people requested to be on the list for my newsletter. Usually, it is done a different way, but without going into boring detail, we needed to do it differently for the people that found us via Barbara’s campaign. It feels like connecting with long lost friends, even though I haven’t had personal contact—I just know that if they were magnetized to, they’re kindred! If you’re one of those new signups, welcome, welcome, welcome!!!

Well, the girls are here and 2 of them want to go to the indoor rock-climbing center after dinner, so I’d better get started with the food. I’ll sign off for now, and plan to share something spiritually instructive next time (or not :P)

Be sure to check out Lisa Dale Miller's info on the full moon in Capricorn. She seems always to be right on target and her explanations are easy to understand for the astrologically illiterate.

Oh, yeah--I pledge to get on with finishing the Soulmate Saga really SOON!

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