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Webmaster Tony and I are looking for new blog software (you’ll be seeing a new format—and faster page-loading—in September), and to that end, I was plowing through a directory of “spiritual blogs” today to see what formats I liked and didn’t like, when I came across a blog entry that catapulted me into a new perspective on manifestation and desire. This new perspective wasn’t really even the point the guy was making, but, what he saidat least the first paragraphcatalyzed my leap!

Try this on: Everything that exists, exists because of it’s desire to exist. (That part was what he said.) Now here’s my insight: Instead of creating from the standpoint of YOUR desire, create from the standpoint of assisting in the birth of something desiring to manifest! That takes your own self-worth and doubts and other lower-frequency stuff out of the equation. You are then a midwife for something that is longing to come into form. How do you know that it is longing to come into form? Because you are tuning into the longing when you become aware of a desire. I love that the word “desire” breaks down to “de” and “sire.” “De” in Latin is “of,” and “sire” is “father.” Therefore, the roots of the word “desire” are “of the father,” or should I say, “of the Father.” We’ll translate that into Recreating Eden-speak and say that desires come to us from the masculine, radiating aspect of God, and when Eve is in alignment to receive the desire, and Adam acts to manifest the desire, we have creation. When either the subconscious (Eve) or conscious mind (Adam) has issues that circumvent the successful manifestation, the desire goes unfulfilled. I know that in my own experience, one of the things that short-circuits the manifestation process is old tapes about limitation and unworthiness. It seems to me that taking the stance of midwife to something that is already sufficiently real that it has been launched from “the Father” and has come into my awareness might just be an easy way to get my personal issues out of the way!

This probably isn’t a revolutionary concept—for all I know, prosperity teachers have been teaching about being a midwife to the forms that are already longing to manifest forever. I know for sure that they have been teaching about desires being from God, but today’s realization was one of those times when it extended beyond a quick glimpse of an idea, and just went “ka-ching.” I don’t yet, however, feel complete with this new perspective--it seems the tip of an iceberg--so it will be interesting to see how it unfolds in my mind and integrates into my life over the next weeks!

Tomorrow, I go to get something done to my gums in preparation for having my mercury amalgams removed starting in September. I have 11 fillings that need to be replaced. I’m going to a dentist who specializes in mercury removal. Mercury does nasty things in the human body, and I believe it is doing unkind things in mine, not to mention, most of the fillings are old and need replacing anyway. How can it be that most dentists are still in denial about mercury and don’t even use precautions to keep it from being released into your bloodstream and the vapors into the air you and the dental staff are breathing when they replace fillings? And there are many, many dentists still putting it in people’s mouths! It’s insane. I’m fortunate that there is a dentist in the area that does the correct removal procedure. I was tempted to delete the foregoing, but decided to leave it in since there are probably many folks that do not realize that mercury in the mouth is NOT a desirable thing (since we're on the topic of desire!).


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