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I’m not astrologically astute, though astrology certainly interests me. I do feel a conflict sometimes between being influenced by astrological knowledge and being free to make decisions based solely on my in-the-moment perceptions by gauging the energy of any given situation. I’m sure there’s a way to balance that, but it seems that if I know something about the astrology of the moment, it does tend to color my responses to what’s going on. I wonder sometimes how much my knowing about what I'm about to share with you influences my experience as far as expectation goes, or if the knowledge makes things more understandable and manageable. Probably some of both...

An astrological factor that seems to have a huge impact on my life is the astrology of where I live. Years before I met Rick, I had an Astro*Carto*Graphy reading. That is a particular brand of astro-locality reading. At the time, I found the idea of Santa Fe quite seductive, since I was then very involved in visual arts and as always, eager to be somewhere that supported my less-mainstream ideas and lifestyle. The guy who did my reading said Santa Fe would not be a great choice for me for a lot of reasons, not the least of which was because it is on my Pluto IC line (not to mention, I crave lush green and wished to live somewhere tropical, and New Mexico just doesn’t fit that description! Neither, of course does Colorado, but…) He made a big point of telling me to avoid Colorado, as it is also on my Pluto line, but had even less mitigating factors for me than Santa Fe (the better choice, but not really a wise one if I wanted to be happy). All in all, the message was, “stay away from anyplace near your Pluto lines, particularly Colorado!” I had another astro-locality reading after I moved here, and the message was pretty much the same, but since I already lived here, the message was not focused on telling me to avoid this area, but instead, focused on how to maximize the experience of growth and transformatoin, and minimize the pain!

Let me quote here from the booklet that came with my Astro*Carto*Graphy chart about Pluto (I don’t remember the specifics of being on your Pluto IC—I think it has to do with mental development? This that follows is the general description of being on a Pluto line): “Total alteration and new directions in life can be taken under these lines. Exposure to, and concerns with death, regeneration, and mortality are common. You may feel isolated, alienated, and experience violent growth through intense upheaval, so that society seems vapid or persecutory. Personal depth is gained, but what is old and outmoded in life will be stripped away, so that complete rejuvenation and rebirth are possible.” I also recall reading somewhere that on a Pluto line is where you will likely experience a departure from your family of origin--you know, where you will experience an emotional distancing or wedge between you.

Does that sound like a fun place to live to you? Believe me, I did think twice when I found myself being powerfully drawn to Rick, who lived in Colorado! With four, at the time, young children (ages 5-11) who needed their dad nearby, it was clear to me from the start that if I were going to be with him, it meant living in Denver until the youngest flies the nest. The attraction was overwhelmingly powerful, though, and, throwing caution and astrology to the wind, I moved to Denver to be with him in 1998. And, yes, life on my Pluto line has been a lot like the description, especially the alienation and isolation, and intense upheaval parts.

For a long time, I was angry that my soulmate had to live in a place with so much potential difficulty for me. Gradually, though, it occurred to me that my soul had chosen this place of maximum growth, and that I had been gifted with Rick and the girls to make being here tolerable. I have to remind myself of that from time to time. If it weren’t for them, I would have moved on to an easier place to live years ago. What a perfect set up for making sure I would not be able to bail out on my soul’s commitment, eh?! If I am to be with the love of my life, I must stay here on my Pluto line until at least 2010! I do find it ironic that, living here in the place where joy may be the most difficult to sustain, my attraction is to cultivating joy as a way to raise frequency! Talk about your challenging place to stay in the joy space—one’s Pluto IC line is definitely it! But perhaps every moment I manage to stay in joy on my Pluto line is worth ten on, say, my Jupiter, Sun, or Venus lines!

At any rate, I will persevere and know that while I’m experiencing challenging lessons, I’m also being transformed. That’s Pluto—trial by fire, but the fire is forging a strong new character. By the time I leave Denver, I will be a completely different person than the one who moved here 7 years ago. I’m already that, actually. I do sometimes wonder what manner of soul has to choose the intense path of Pluto, but I must trust that there is method behind the madness, and that someday, the reward of taking the accelerated class will be obvious! Meantime, I’m here, seeking joy no matter what…

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Heather Robertson said:

Hi Julia,
How interesting, I am moving to Colorado which is on my pluto line Tuesday. We are moving to Evergreen possibly or the West slope, yet you
give me hope that it won't be too intense. Keeping the joy strong is definately important. Where did you come up with length of time?

Julia said:

Hi, Heather~

Well...I don't want to color your experience, so I'll simply reiterate that it's a very good place (your Pluto line) to transform and get a lot

The date is because that's when Rick's youngest child is due to finish high school. That was the bargain: I'd live here until they were all college-age so they could have their dad nearby while they were young. Hard to believe I wrote this blog entry 4 years ago. Now there are only 9 more months till I've lived up to my agreement. Then it's "See you later, Pluto line!"

I haven't been to the Western Slope, but Evergreen is cool. We go there sometimes to feel like we're on vacation from Denver. Very mountain-y. And as long as you're not a green leaves lover, you'll find Colorado gorgeous--at least, the mountains. The plains are a little brown for me.

Hope you have an easy time here in Colorado--it's a good thing you know about Easy World, where everything is easy! ( hadn't discovered Easy World, no telling which mental hospital I might be in by now! LOL!

In Joy,


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