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Though I’m trying to remain somewhat dispassionate, I must admit that I am in a mild shock with what’s happened in Louisiana, Mississippi and all the places devastated by Hurricane Katrina. As an empath, it's more challenging than it is for some to maintain an objectivity and not feel the pain and distress of others. I've been using my "inner centrifuge" technique a lot the past few days

I’m particularly moved by the situation in New Orleans. While most of the places that were hit are at least (though amidst carnage), able to look toward the future as they begin to consider recovery efforts, New Orleans would seem to be far from being able to pick up the pieces and rebuild. With 80% of the city under water, and no electricity or potable water, and so many people still stranded--some in perilous positions on their roofs with floodwaters rising and rescuers racing to reach them before it's too late, the end is not in sight for them. With all the ramifications of the flooding—the toxic waste, the dead bodies of people and animals in the water, the potential for the proliferation of West Nile—all the myriad factors bringing the potential for disease, not to mention the personal property damage and losses, both the personal and the big picture financial losses—not the least of which is tourist revenues—and of course, the loss of loved ones and pets—it’s just so overwhelming, I can hardly stand to think about it. But I’m doing my best to enfold them without going to the stressful place myself. As I said about the tsunami, the most valuable response to such a situation is the refusal to be pulled down into the fear and the stress. Yes, it is important to hold the line, stay in the higher-frequency joy space as much as possible, and to send Love to those parts of Creation which seem to be calling for it most powerfully.

Of course, it’s times like these that often catapults people to a higher frequency because they become so overwhelmed that they give up and give it over to God. I pray that such a response is happening to multitudes during this devastating situation. And that they are remembering to call upon the angels. I saw the governor of Louisiana on the news tonight calling for tomorrow to be a “day of prayer.” I’d be surprised if there were even a handful of prayer-inclined people in that state who haven’t been praying continuously since Sunday, and I’m sure there are some who are praying who’ve never prayed before. Maybe that is one of the small blessings in such a situation!

I know I’ll be praying without ceasing tomorrow, as I am today, and will be next week and so on—but I don’t know how much of it will be traditional prayer. I’m going to do my darnedest to radiate Love and find joy tomorrow for all those who will find it impossible to because they are in such shock and fear. Someday, I might need someone to “hold the joy line” for me when I can’t do it myself. You know, I’ve often thought that the Creator gives us the awareness of certain connections we have because we are “in charge” of caring up close for those people, places, animals, etc. And then there’s the rest of Creation, which, of course, we respect and honor and care for, but not as personally as we do for those we know and are personally close to. I believe that it is the job of those who are not ]close to those who are suffering to be the ones who maintain the objective view so as to keep a sort of energy scaffolding in place so that those who are affected personally will have an energetic place to anchor their lifelines. Please join me in devoting time to radiating Love and rising in frequency on behalf of those who are finding that so very hard to do right now! Because, of course, when you raise your frequency upward to the joy space, you raise the frequency of the Whole upward, too. Upward is the way out of turmoil, pain, fear and stress. And the people who’ve been hit by Katrina really need some frequency-boosting right now.

I was happy to learn that my wonderful friends in St. Francisville are high and dry. Thankfully, the storm missed them, and they are high enough above the Mississippi that flooding isn’t a problem. I haven’t yet heard from Andrena in Baton Rouge. I’m going to assume that she is okay, but I’ll be very glad to hear from her!

On a different note altogether, tomorrow, via email, I’m announcing a series of 3 free teleseminars for September. For more information, just sign up to receive emails from me and get the phone number to call and the access code! I'm happy to be doing these.

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Andrena said:

Dear Julia:
Wonderful words of hope regarding the catostrophic results of hurricane Katrina. I will try to keep them in mind as we all are trying to adjust here in Baton Rouge. Our town has changed dramatically in just a matter of 3 days. Everyone I know including our family has taken in friends and new friends that now have no where to go. Many others here are volunteering to help in shelters. Our city has doubled in population and we will all need to adjust our ""normal"" lifestyles because the resolution to this event will be a very long process. I will find strength in your words and the mission of ""joy"" to help the people who are staying with us. They are in shock and very teary eyed over the prospect of rebuilding their lives and so much uncertainty that still exists for them.
We came out of the storm fine, no damage to our home, we just did not have any electricity till early this morning. Land lines and cell phones are all tied up and it is hard to get any calls through to anyone especially long distance. I knew you would be anxious to hear from me.
I will call you soon.
Blessing to you,

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