The eye of the vortex

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Oh, boy! Or, shall I say, “Oh, girl!” (That will make more sense in a minute!) I was working on a brief article about where joy resides, and was trying to explain the frequency hierarchy in the simplest way possible, when I suddenly understood that God is a hole! Source is nothing! No-thing. (Don’t freak out—this is not “bad”—you must have no-thing before you can have some-thing! And God is also some-thing—very much Some-Thing.) But it would seem that at the center of all things is an empty space.

This realization answered for me the question, “which came first, the female principle or the masculine principle?” It was the female—which is the hole—the empty space. God, at the core, is female! Of course, there can’t be “female” without “male”—such is the language of duality/polarity. But the power of the hole—the nothing—is truly immense! If you think of it, the nothingness at the Core of Creation is SO powerful, it magnetized something out of nothing and attracted it back to itself…ItSelf. Is this making any sense at all?

If you consider that the highest vibratory frequency is at the Core of Creation, and that as frequency is stepped down and lowered, things become more dense, it must mean that what is at the Core is the least dense. And what is less dense than Light? Nothing! No, I mean no-thing! I wish I had a better, more tangible grasp of this so I could explain it, but I’m seeing in my mind’s eye, and maybe someday I’ll be able to make something out of nothing! Hmmm…

Anyway—I realize this is not cause for alerting the media. I’m sure I’m the million fifty-eleventh person to come up with this idea, and I realize it’s only half-baked, AND predicated on a linear view that is surely not accurate in a holographic universe, but anything that helps one grasp an understanding of how the universe works is cause for celebration! It is exciting to me because it went “ker-chunk!” and with it, a whole lot of puzzle pieces fit into place.

On another note (or maybe a similar note, actually, since hurricanes are vortices with empty centers!), my prayers go out to the people of New Orleans tonight, as well as all of South Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and the Panhandle of Florida, waiting for Hurricane Katrina to make landfall. I scared the bejeebers out of myself reading how Katrina might very possibly turn New Orleans into Atlantis, with floodwaters as high as 30 feet in parts of town. In addition to prayers for the people and animals of N.O., I’m sending calm and dry thoughts for my friend Andrena in Baton Rouge , who reads this blog regularly, and for Ellen Kennon and all the lovely people in St. Francisville who were such amazing hosts for me in May. You all are in my thoughts and I am visualizing your well-being!

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