Loving Rita

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First off, let me say that my prayers are with all in Hurricane Rita’s path, and that includes Andrena in Baton Rouge (who, by the way, predicted exactly where landfall would occur—she is SO psychic), Ellen Kennon and family (who are from Lake Charles, but have retreated to Ellen's in St. Francisville), and the magical Shadetree, the B&B, run by Kenwood Kennon, Ellen's wonderful ex, where I stayed in St. Francisville. While they are fairly far inland, the prediction is for a stall that far inland with a huge moisture drop—maybe up to 30 inches with widespread flooding. This would potentially affect all of these dear friends listed above (and, obviously, thousands upon thousands of people that I don’t personally know!). According to Ellen's blog, St. Francisville is currently inundated with many, many Katrina evacuees, which the townspeople have been ministering to with no help from FEMA or the Red Cross, both of which, she says, have been weirdly unresponsive. I truly feel for them--the gracious and wonderful people of St. F, doing all they can do already and now this. I guess we'll see just how far things can stretch...And the animals—both wild and domestic—as always, my heart goes out especially to them. Right where the eyewall is coming in there is a lot of area that is wildlife refuge.

I got a cool email today from Cynthia Bissonette, who heads up Unifying Fields Foundation, and I’m going to share it with you because it was so cool and timely. (By the way, she sends out regular inspirational emails that I've been getting for a couple of years--I highly recommend getting on her list!) She first quoted Love Without End, a book that I haven’t read yet, but that has gotten rave reviews from several friends:


“Look for the motivating force of the storm, and then be the love in its presence. You can command the storm, for the adamantine particles (love) are commanded by love. Love is the Source of everything. It is the commander and that command has been delegated to you as a child of love. This is why, in any situation you can win by the power of love. Not by DOING LOVE. This where you trip up. You have to BE LOVE! Love that is a burning fire at the heart of any situation. You can literally quell the storm by loving the forces that comprise it.” Love Without End....Jesus Speaks by Glenda GreenI don’t know if you remember last spring when I shared the storm and threatening fire on my island. I observed and worked with the above quote. I literally became the force of the winds that were igniting the fire. I became the love, and decided to walk onto the island holding the love. Within a VERY SHORT TIME the winds had quieted and a soft rain appeared. Was it coincidence? Did I truly have some affect? I can’t prove it, but the experience lies in my memory as possibility.

I ask you to join, in love, with the forces of the current threatening storm of Rita. Love fully the forces, and feel them dissipating out at sea.

May we claim and experience the power of the love that we are.”


I say, “Amen!” to that! I worked with this a bit today and it felt powerful. Thanks so much for sharing that, Cynthia!

I had a little conversation with myself today as Rick and I set off for our annual aspen viewing trip to the mountains, telling myself not to feel guilty that we had a beautiful day, when so many are bracing for Rita. I decided that not enjoying the day would be ridiculous. Not to mention that I need to practice what I preach, and be as joyful as possible so as to help raise the frequency of the whole—we truly don’t help—and actually do harm with our worry and fear. So we had a nice ride over Squaw Pass between Evergreen and Idaho Springs. We’ve had more spectacular years for photos, but we got a few decent ones as you can see. How lucky we are to live so close to such beauty!

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