New vision for the future of duality

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Just 30 seconds ago, I had a realization! The overlighting goal—the macro goal—in rising in frequency back to the level where Eden manifests is not to abandon the duality matrix, it’s to allow it to be absorbed back into Prime Matrix from whence it came! It split off, and now it’s time for it to rejoin Prime Matrix. Let me see if I can explain it more thoroughly—truly, let me see if I can! It’s such a fresh notion, I haven’t had a chance to think it out—luckily, I’m an extrovert, and writing it will help me understand it.

The duality matrix is a subset of Prime Matrix—from Oneness, “two-ness,” or the idea of “more than Oneness” emerged, giving birth to the notions of “good” and “evil,” which then magnetized energy to them through human judgment, setting up strong currents of energy in opposition. I’ll always remember the day during the finishing of Recreating Eden when I was drying my hair and the whole understanding about the duality matrix being born presented itself in my mind—I had to go back and rework the whole book to accommodate this concept! Duality is the flip side of Oneness—the opposite of Oneness. It has never not been an aspect of Oneness. It always existed in potential, but until it was activated in the human experience by Eve becoming receptive to the serpent (representing the human reptilian brain, the part of us that fuels the ego), and eating of the forbidden fruit (duality) it never had power.

What keeps the duality matrix viable is our egos. We grow it and empower it by reinforcing it with our thoughts—when our thoughts are reptilian-driven, the trap of duality is strengthened. When our thoughts are aligned with Source, we don’t just escape duality—duality is not just weakened—it is pulled back into alignment as well! I have a ways to go with this understanding, but it is a fascinating notion to me. I had always envisioned us simply rising in frequency out of duality, but never thought about healing it and bringing it back into unity! About returning it to the Whole by reintegrating it!

Okay, okay. I know that’s pretty esoteric. And needs more work. Heck—it may even be wrong. But I seem to live and breathe these ideas nowadays, so I’ll keep going with it and see where it takes me!

We had a great group on tonight’s teleseminar. Everyone had a chuckle when I revealed that one of the participants, who introduced herself, is my former husband’s wife! I have never met her in person (I will next week in North Carolina), but we have emailed back and forth about book-related things. She’s a very cool lady and I’m thrilled that we’ve connected. She and my ex have read Recreating Eden and have been sharing it with many others. I am so pleased to have a harmonious relationship with them, and that they would turn out to be fans of the book is so very cool—something I would never have imagined way back when. It just goes to show you that when your intention is Love, all is possible!

The Autumn 2005 newsletter is coming out tomorrow. It is jam-packed! I couldn’t resist putting 3 full articles and various other short ones in it. I just have SO much to say these days! I hope you enjoy it.

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