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I’m feeling the deep impetus—a new urgency—to get people to read Recreating Eden so that the evolution of humanity can accelerate. I’m not experiencing it as a frantic thing exactly, but just having a knowing that it’s time to rev things up because the message is so very needed.

For example, people really need to understand that peace cannot be found via the duality matrix. Peace is not a feature of the duality matrix! Peace is the absence of conflicttherefore, peace in duality is an impossibility. As long as we’re immersed in the duality matrix and using it as our operating system; as long as we're trying to achieve peace with the idea that good must win out over evil, we will never, ever have peace, because we’re reinforcing duality—reinforcing the currents of energy that coalesce around the concept of “good,” and by virtue of that, the currents of energy that coalesce around the concept of “evil.” Duality is all about opposing forces. When you strengthen one, the other emerges stronger to balance things out. Here’s a shocking realization: Every time we have the thought that something is “good,” we strengthen “evil” as well!

Peace can only be found in the Oneness Matrix—in the realm of no comparison and no opposites. Until we let go of judgment, and quit making determinations about what is “good” and what is “evil,” we’re simply reinforcing duality, the very reality matrix that fosters turmoil and conflict! So it is important that this message gets out there so that people understand that all the “do-gooding” in the world will not do the job unless we can let go of judging—let go of the concepts of good and evil—and simply become neutral through acceptance (which, as I have said many times, is not condoning, but merely refusing to judge), and be willing to Love unconditionally. Some would say that unless we judge and label “evil,” we’re allowing it to thrive. That would be the serpent speaking, lying to us in order to maintain its food source. (And, yes—I am working on an article about peace and the duality matrix!)

One realization I had while writing this weekend is that judging is, effectively, withholding Love. When we judge something as wrong or bad or evil, we’re deciding to withhold Love from it—we're determining that it’s not worthy of our Love. What a trap! Love is the only transformative power, so if there is something that needs to be transformed, shutting down and refusing to Love is exactly what allows whatever it is to be sustained. To move into the Oneness Matrix, not only is neutrality called for, but unconditional radiance.

If you're willing to help in my campaign to spread the understanding that peace can only happen when we let go of duality thinking, please send a link to this article to any of your friends who may be ready for this information!

Peace out.

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