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I spent 3 hours outside on the patio writing today and it was wonderful. I finally figured out that if I wear my big floppy-brimmed hat, I can cut down on the glare and see the laptop screen—I couldn’t see when I tried to write outside before! When I first went out today, I was sitting facing north, and it didn’t feel quite right. The energy just wasn’t flowing. I kept wanting to turn myself to the left. When I finally did, things opened up for me and I was able to write most of an article, with cool new information pouring in. All I can figure is that, either I’m just used to writing facing west (that’s how I sit at my desk in my office), or maybe it’s truly the optimal direction for receiving spiritual information. Anyway, it was a cool experience. I’ve always been able to sense energy flow based on positioning. I think I may have been a feng shui master in a past life—or perhaps a bunch of my molecules belonged to a feng shui master. My jury is still out on whether reincarnation actually works the way most people believe…

Part of the article I was writing outside today caused me to think again about judgment and acceptance, and when I came inside, I looked up an old piece I had written on acceptance and was seized with the idea to pull part of it and edit it to turn into an article. I felt a lot of energy and heat around it and realized that, indeed, focusing it on self-acceptance was important for me right now. As I worked on the article, I became aware in a new way—at a new level—of how utterly profound self-acceptance is. I promised at the end of the last blog entry to expound upon the idea that “acceptance is the escape hatch from the duality matrix.” Well, it is—but today I realized that self-acceptance is where it starts! Let me quote from tonight’s writing. This is just after I’ve explained that when you are born, and are still aligned with Prime Matrix, you accept everything without judgment until you are taught to judge:

“Your acquired lack of self-acceptance is truly crippling you more than you may know. It has kept you tied to the duality matrix, because all your judgments about everything are rooted in your lack of self-acceptance and your judgment of self. What you are not able to accept in others is intimately tied to that which you cannot accept in yourself, and this pattern of judgment keeps you stuck in the duality matrix. Re-learning self-acceptance is key to releasing yourself from the trap of duality."

Judgment is what keeps us trapped in duality. Acceptance is the opposite of judgment. Therefore, leaving duality behind is a matter of acceptance. Acceptance, then, is the escape hatch from the seemingly endless loop of duality! And self-acceptance would seem to be the key to acceptance. If you learn to fully accept yourself, you will no longer judge anyone else, precipitating a rise in frequency out of the duality matrix! Pretty cool, huh? Of course, self-judgment is perhaps the most challenging thing to give up. From my recent experience, I would say that patience and compassion are the path. Be as kind, patient, compassionate and accepting with yourself as you would be with a disabled child, for that is what you are! Life on Earth has disabled you—has separated you from many of your powers, and to get them back, you must Love and accept yourself.

I’m thinking the articlewell, both articles I worked on todaywill be in the Autumn Rising Times, which I’m planning to send out shortly after the Autumnal Equinox, so make sure you're on my mailing list!

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Andrena said:

Your are so right, Self-Acceptance is the key and it is something we truly don't realize how much harm it causes us. You touch on this often but I don't think most of us really ""get"" the importance of the concept, because we continually beat ourselves up.
You are so good at breaking things down into small pieces to make it easier to understand and absorb. You should do a course or series of teleseminars on this as the focus.
Blessing and Love,

Julia said:

To add to the problem, we're taught that self-deprecation is somehow noble--baloney! We are God--how is it noble to rag on the Creator?!
Great idea about doing a series on acceptance--SELF acceptance! I will probably touch on this in the next seminar (Tuesday, Sept. 20) about overcoming Earth-induced amnesia. If I forget to, please remind me!!!
Thanks for taking the time to comment, Andrena!

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