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I dialed into a teleseminar today with “coach’s coach” Suzanne Falter Barns ( ,, who is a platform-building expert. (What, you ask, is a platform? It’s all the stuff you need to do to become well-known, like a website, media kit, articles, etc., etc.) She was great—as always. I’ve been on her mailing list for a couple of years and bought her “Get Known Now” program, which is really full of great stuff. And her blog and ezines are always full of great information. But instead of feeling empowered afterward, I just feel overwhelmed.

One of the things that I believe has hung me up over the last year and a few months that I have been putting myself and my message out there is that I have misunderstood my niche—the people that are ready for Recreating Eden. My understanding of that has shifted from what it was in the beginning. I believed my niche was anyone with an inclination toward the spiritual—after all, R.E. is not only ecumenical, it’s very simple, clear, direct, logical, and profound and potentially life-changing. My assumption was that it would be embraced rapidly and wholeheartedly by spiritual seekers of almost every ilk. And, while the “every ilk” part is somewhat true (I’ve had enthusiastic feedback from followers of Indian avatars to fundamentalist Christians), there was something I did not take into account: the unwillingness of so many to relinquish their addiction to exotic mind candy, and side trips on the road to enlightenment. It would seem that Recreating Eden is a little too unsophisticated and uncomplicated—or perhaps, I should say, “vibrationally pure,” for many whom I thought would embrace it!

What has been becoming increasingly clear to me is that people either love Recreating Eden or…they’re afraid of it! They either love it, or…they dismiss it as too simple or something they believe they’ve progressed beyond based on a quick flip through the pages. Their egos do not seem to know what to make of it. With a few exceptions, people either wholeheartedly embrace it and let it do its transformational work with them, or they can hardly read it. It is fascinating to observe that the people who tell me how much they love the book are not always the ones who’ve done a lot of conscious spiritual work to raise their frequency—it seems not to have much to do with that at all. Some of the folks that love Recreating Eden have barely done any spiritual exploration, but are just open-hearted and open-minded and naturally operating at a frequency that allows a vibrational match to Recreating Eden. Others have been on the path for a long, long time, and are so far along the path, they realize that more mind candy and techniques are not going to serve them in their quest toward enlightenment. It seems to have something to do with purity of intent and vibrational readiness.

This makes for a marketing conundrum. I don’t really know how to market Recreating Eden effectively! Though I’m sure there are lots and lots of people who are ready for Recreating Eden, I don’t know how to locate my niche! I mean, there seems to be no way to group them in any way that is externally organized. Any ideas for getting Recreating Eden to more people (other than the obvious one that R.E. is slowly but surely attracting people on its own)?

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