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As you can see, the blog has a new look! There are still a couple of minor tweaks to come, but it’s close to being done. After almost a year of being dissatisfied with the look of it and for whatever reason, not being able to get a change made, the stars finally aligned to manifest my desire for something more aligned with my aesthetic! Many thanks to Tony, my esteemed webmaster, for making it happen.

Tonight was the first in my series of free September teleseminars. It went well—I felt it, and several of the kind attendees said it did—but, of course, I can think of a dozen ways it could have been better. That is duality thinking of course—instead of wholeheartedly accepting what is and seeing the value in it, I’m focused on what might have been! I’m almost positive that no one but me was thinking alot about what might have gone “better”! We taped the session and I’m not sure I can listen to it—at least, not yet. My ego is bound to jump in and judge and criticize. It will be a test of "spiritual warriorship" to see if I can listen open-mindedly and not become critical and self-conscious in the extreme. I will say that, though I would like to have done a smoother delivery, I believe I got the message across. Several folks said they were eager to have a copy of the tape since I covered so much. There will be a notice on the site when they are ready to order. If you want one, email me and I'll let you know.

I was telling Rick afterward that since I spend so much time immersed in the gestalt of these new paradigm perceptions, it seems a little strange to me that what I am saying could be novel to the people listening. I’m sure much of it is, and I know that, even if some of the concepts are not new, there is no way they have heard them put together in the configuration that I have the ideas put together—my delivery is unique, just as yours would be unique. As he and I agreed, even if they’d heard all of it before, it’s not so much about the mind candy, but the reinforcement of the message. AND, it’s about having someone (me) help them hold a Truth-focus for an hour so that it is easy to access Prime Matrix and see higher, no matter whether the concepts are old or new. Rick said when he came into my office (where I was doing the teaching) to change the tape, the energy was huge and strong. So I’m sure I was channeling something more than ideas!

The last few days have been breakthrough days for me. I’ve somehow managed to maintain my frequency and have felt lighter and more joyful—it’s been since before Mom died that I’ve felt quite as spontaneously high frequency, and, actually, I don’t think that I’ve experienced being as “high” before as I have been recently except for when I was on the rapid trajectory to Eden in 1982 (which you can read about in Recreating Eden.) My hope—my belief—is that my emotional set point has gone higher somehow. Not saying I can’t dip down, but it feels like I’ve reached some sort of new plateau.

I believe it can be attributed to greater acceptance. Remember when I was telling you I was all over the map when it came to how I treated myself? Lately, I’ve been actively practicing self acceptance. I’ve been patient and loving with myself in a way I’ve never been before. I’ve also been using the Young Living oil blend, “Acceptance,” too—slathering it on my ears and doing the Vita Flex method on my ear points that correspond to parental “stuff.” One thing I was inspired to comprehend this afternoon that I intended to share in the seminar (but forgot to) was that acceptance is the escape hatch from the duality matrix. I’ll let you mull that over for awhile and then I’ll elucidate further in an upcoming entry.

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