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I have a whole bunch of photos from my trip I need to upload. Darrel Roberts, who I'd only met online and on one of the conference calls, drove up from Atlanta to the Winston-Salem talk and then drove over for the Raleigh talk and an attunement, and was a huge help to me. He had mentioned he might come at the last of the Sept. teleseminars, and, indeed, he did! He hadn’t said he is an event photographer, though, so that was a lovely surprise. He not only took photos of the talks, he delivered photo CDs and prints the day after each one! More importantly, he was such a great help to me in just paying attention to what was needed and doing whatever he saw he could do to support me. It was awesome! I had the feeling he had done that for me in other lifetimes…who knows? Thank you again, Darrel, for all that you did! Hopefully, I’ll soon get the other photos online, but for now, this will give you a small window into my trip! This one is of me signing books after my Winston-Salem talk:


It was so great to be back home again with my spiritual family, and lovely to feel so welcome. I flew into RDU (outside Raleigh) and stopped at my friends’ house to get the carton of books I've had stashed there (and was treated to a lovely dinner) before heading to Winston-Salem (a 2-hour drive give or take), where I stayed with my dear friend Catherine, and enjoyed her generous hospitality so much. She has the greatest basement apartment with the most comfy bed that she had offered up for Katrina victims, but luckily for me, no one had taken her up on it! It was lovely to spend time with her and get my dog fix through her sweet “pups,” Gracie and Coco. Then, I stayed with longtime friends Steve and Stephanie in their wonderful home in the woods in Raleigh. I always love being there, and being with them. On Saturday night, our friend Lily came over and we had a great shrimp and grits dinner thanks to Stephanie’s culinary talents. On Sunday, before I left, my sister Ann came over and we had a nice visit. I really appreciated that as it was our only chance to see each other and I was too pooped to go anywhere extra! After my few days in Raleigh, I went BACK to Winston-Salem, and stayed another night with Catherine and did attunements in her basement. Then I went to Thomasville and spent the night with my dad and my sister and her hubby came over for dinner, which was nice as it was my one chance to see them! When I drove back to Raleigh (am I making you dizzy with all the trips back and forth?) to turn in my rental car, my dear friend, Michelle, picked me up from the rental place and took me out to lunch. We had a fabulous time and made a lot of cool connections. Then she dropped me at the airport where I began my uneventful trip home to Denver.

A real highlight of my time in NC was that I got to go out with my former sister-in-law, whom I love dearly, but hadn’t seen in a long, long time—at least 15 years--and my former husband’s wife, whom I’d never met--after my Raleigh talk. We had a great visit which was far too brief and we have vowed to get together again when we don’t have to rush. It’s so cool and cosmic that she and I (my ex’s wife) would be so powerfully drawn together and feel such a connection. There’s more to the story but I am not at liberty to discuss it. Suffice to say that her reading Recreating Eden was a huge piece for her and that it helped her at a time that was critical. That, in itself, makes for evidence of a bond, but there’s a feeling there, too. Sisterhood, you know? My ex had been supposed to come, but was too sick with some kind of flu. I would have loved seeing him, but as it turned out, having it be just the girls was just right.

The workshop in Raleigh on Saturday was really great. We had nine people, including me, and it was just the right combination of energies. Everyone left it exclaiming how much they’d gotten out of it. That was music to my ears! I think the key was that I had not stressed about it at all, and just let it unfold as it organically wanted to. Also, I did attunements in Raleigh at my friend Diana's lovely space at the Whole Life Center. What a great resource! I loved being there. (Thanks, Diana!!!)

I’m feeling a little letdown after so much activity and being around interested people who were excited about my message. Now the only ones hanging on my words are my dogs! And even they aren’t listening all the time. (Hey—they’re dachshunds!) But now is my time to rest and regroup and figure out the right next steps. I know for sure that there are lots of things I want to do. I’m glad I have a teleseminar planned!

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