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I’m back as of last night—at least most of me! Some of me hasn’t quite caught up. It was a WONDERFUL trip and everything went even more smoothly than I had even thought to hope for. All the events were quite successful with gratifying turnouts and response, and most amazingly, I was basically pleased with my own performance in every case! ALERT THE MEDIA!!! (wink, wink) I sold the rest of my case of books that I had kept in N.C. and it pleases me to imagine so many people discovering Recreating Eden. I had a lot of heartwarming feedback about my talks and the book and it is enough to keep my needy ego happily supporting the cause for awhile! (Ego is always more willing to calm down and stop it’s doubting and interfering when it sees that there is external evidence to confirm what it believes. Ego is impatient, and not big on blind faith, so it’s helpful to finally be getting the kind of feedback that I’ve been getting!)

While I'm pretty pooped right now, I am amazed at my stamina during the trip. I knew that I had to fully utilize my "I am the creator of my experience" understanding, and I decided, despite my past experience, that I would be energized and healthy during my week on the run, keeping a constant pep-talk going. It was cloudy the entire week, minus five minutes when the sun broke through during my Sat. afternoon workshop, and rainy much of that time. That weather in and of itself would normally deplete my energy and put me in a funk, but I didn't let it this time--quite a revelation that I had power over that! I was my own sunshine--that seemed appropriate for someone espousing intentional joy! Oh--and did you hear that it snowed in Denver Monday? Quite the shock to go from a steam bath in NC to snow! But it was sunny here today and the snow is mostly gone and one of my David Austin roses (Molineux) is putting on a show and seems not to have minded being covered in snow!

I am eager to tell you some of the details of the events, about my connections with friends old and new, and more of my insights into things, but as I said, part of me seems to still be flying back from North Carolina. I feel sure I will be re-integrated within short order, but the details will have to wait. I’m going to cut this short now and continue my resting and re-integration process. If I owe you an email, please be patient with me while I collect myself!

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