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Last night’s teleseminar (Self-Acceptance: Key to Transcending the Duality Matrix) was a high-energy affair with lots of lovely, lively folks on board! We had 23 people besides me, with folks from North Carolina, Kansas, Maryland, Maine, California, Colorado, Louisiana, and other states I can’t right now recall, with the award for the participant from farthest away again going to Sylvia in Australia! I just love being able to commune with people that way.

Someone today asked me if I was up for doing a lot of traveling, and I told her I love to travel, BUT that I’m such a homebody, I also need lots of home time. Isn’t it just a fabulous blessing that technology makes it possible for us to connect with people all over the world, and for me, to teach as many classes as I’m up for over the phone, and be able to be at home a lot, too?

It’s also such a grand thing to be able to connect with those people, wherever they are, that are attuned to the message, without having to scour the planet for them. While I fully expect this message to go mainstream before too long, right now, we’re still at the stage where the first wave of people are discovering it and resonating with it and they are, comparative to the entire population, relatively few and fairly far between. And instead of it taking massive advertising or a huge amount of physical outreach (which I don’t think would be that effective in building the kind of movement we’re building), we’re able to create a strong enough attractive signal to draw the people to the message that belong in the “first tier.” Just by putting out the energy over the Internet, the recreating Eden energy easily draws its vibrational match to it without anyone having to leave the comfort of home to discover it—or, to spread the word!

My next teleseminar will be Nov. 15 and will be a "repeat" of the one I did in July. Of course, I could not possibly recreate it, so even if you were at the first one, you’ll hear different stuff—of course, the principles remain the same and we can all use (me included) plenty of repetition of the basic message! Here’s the blurb for it:
Got a Problem? Raise Your Frequency!

Raising your frequency is the solution—now, what was your problem? In this eye-opening teleseminar, Julia will enlighten you about the remarkable, problem-solving function the Creator built into the Divine Design, and share techniques for activating its magic to solve—or dissolve—your problems, and begin creating a trouble-free life! Tuesday, November 15, 2005. For phone number and access code, be sure you’re on Julia’s email list.
Speaking of travel, though I’m contemplating setting up a trip back to North Carolina in April, I’m definitely planning to be there the third week in June, offering a 5-day course (2 hours a day) at the Southeastern Conference which is held at beautiful Guilford College in Greensboro. The conference is like spiritual camp and from what I understand about it, it’s lots of fun. I’m excited at the prospect! I am thrilled to have been invited to apply and to have been accepted as one of the relatively few presenters. So, if you’re in NC and want to spend a week learning and playing, do consider coming!

Much more to share but it’s time to hit the hay. More soon!


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Deah said:

I just got done reading you 6-part series of finding your soulmate and I am frantically looking for part 7!! Oh, I soo want more...you and Rick should write a book together. I love it! I will be looking out for more to the story! :)
I love love!

Julia said:

Hi, Deah!
I just now found your comment--I'm supposed to get notices of comments, but haven't been getting them lately!
Anyway, I will get on the stick and get #7 written a.s.a.p.! I've had a lot to do lately--which is not a complaint--and it just hasn't gotten done.
We've thought of writing a book together--we have ALL those emails still. In fact, the 8th anniversary of his admission that he'd rather be with me is coming up on Nov. 7, so maybe that would be an auspicious time for installment 7 in the soulmate saga!

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