The September CDs and Wilma

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Indeed, my frequency came back up again and my "uck" is gone. My friend whose feelings I’d hurt and I are okay again, and the difficult thing I didn’t want to face…well, it turns out it’s not time to deal with that after all! (But I’m not hiding out in denial—I’m working things out within myself so that when the time does come, it will be easy. Easier. Easy. That's an affirmation!)

I’m really psyched up in a big way because the audio CDs for the Sept. teleseminar series are finally done and yesterday I was able to pick them up and pack and ship the ones that had been ordered from us . I have only listened to one of them—and, amazingly, I got excited about the message! I am in such a different space when I’m bringing that stuff through, I really don’t remember much of what I said, so it’s basically like hearing it for the first time. You may remember from past blog entries that I have always judged my performance very harshly, and usually can’t stand to listen to my own voice, so it was a small miracle that I was fine with what I heard! And, just as if it were someone new and exciting I’d just discovered who had a cool message, I thought about who I wanted to share it with! Which is…pretty much everyone!

The CD I listened to is Your Spirit’s Language: How to Tell Who’s Who in Your Inner (and Outer) Conversations for Greater Alignment. You can order it, and the others, here. (They come as cassettes as well for those who prefer those.) And here is what it looks like:

I designed the label, and with the help of Bob at MediaPro here in Denver, who reproduced my design in the labeling software they use, it turned out just like I wanted it to. Rick (my hubby) did the announcing at the beginning, and he sounds very professional—and it’s not just his adoring wife who thinks that—Bob, the media pro, said so, too! So all in all, I’m pleased with how everything came out and am excited to get these out to the world!

Hurricane Wilma is currently battering the Yucatan, Cancun and Cozumel but moving away toward Florida. I have been periodically mentally “stirring” her (or “unwinding” her as a new friend who emailed me the other day calls it). I just attune with the storm and mentally rotate counterclockwise with her for a bit to achieve the feeling of oneness, then mentally reverse direction and stir clockwise to neutralize her force. Don’t know if it helps or not, but it feels natural to do it. I came across an interesting perspective on a website Ellen Kennon pointed me to the other day, and here is what Karen Bishop says about the storms in her latest alert on her “What’s Up On Planet Earth?” website:

“Anything and everything can and will happen. This is a part of the process and completely and divinely planned. Expect more natural disasters (and we need not interfere with this process by trying to send light and avert these very natural and needed occurrences). These planetary adjustments and alignments are very necessary. Expect what will appear to be horrors. And know that the suffering is not as bad as it appears. As strange as it seems, at higher levels there is no suffering.”

I do think there is a balance to be struck between trying to avert disasters and using our considerable creative powers to lessen their severity. I think it’s natural for us to want to try and push the kid out of the way of the runaway bus--or, a better analogy might be to steer the bus away from running down the kid! But I believe that the truth is, if it’s someone’s soul-chosen path to experience the devastation, that’s exactly what will happen, and no amount of our intercessory attempts will circumvent that. And I know Karen is right about there being no suffering at the higher levels--that's a key message from Recreating Eden! Also, for an empowering perspective, you might benefit from reading the article I wrote right after December 2004's tsunami "Changing the Channel on Fearful Prophecy"I know I've read it again several times lately while posting it on article bank sites and it helps me remember the truth.

Those of you in Florida in particular, I’m visualizing you safe, sound and joyful!

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