Ian's graduation day

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We had a great turnout last night for the “Got a Problem? Raise Your Frequency” teleseminar. It was a new attendance record—we had 28 on the call! And the energy was extremely high—I had a hard time settling down and going to sleep afterward. The call ended at 8:00 p.m. Mountain time, and I was still wide awake and jammin’ at 1:30 a.m.! Lots of positive feedback, too—which my ego really appreciates. While I would probably keep doing the calls just because I love them, it helps my ego to be willing to continue cooperating when it gets a little validation from time to time. The next one will be December 6 and it will be titled "Loosening the Grip of 'Shoulds,' 'Ought Tos,' and 'Supposed Tos'," which will be just right for the holiday season! As I told the group last night—I need it so I’m going to teach it. I learn as much as —no, more—than anyone does from the seminars as I not only get to channel higher wisdom on the topics and find out what I knew, but didn’t know, I always have the opportunity to practice what I’m preaching!

On a different note, a friend of a friend passed away today, and it’s been an interesting experience to observe my internal response from this particular emotional distance from the situation. I did not know Ian Xel Lungold personally, but some of you may know him—he did a lot of work to promote the teachings of Carl J. Calleman about the true count Mayan calendar. His website is www.mayanmajix.com . His longtime companion, Madaline “Matty” Weber, and I have become friends, and I feel a strong connection with her—especially right now. I wish I were able to give her a hug—but an enfoldment from a distance seems to be the thing at the moment as I believe she is in Mexico, where they were when Ian passed.

As I said, it’s interesting to be at this particular emotional distance from the situation—I’m perfectly positioned to feel the connection, yet to be able to stay at higher frequency and know the truth from the perspective of spiritual wisdom—something that is more challenging the closer you are to a situation. I had no attachment to Ian’s embodiment, so my ego is not churning over the loss. And yet, I felt myself flirting with the edges of sadness today just after finding out. I immediately felt that kind of mild inner earthquake that seems to be the human response to hearing that someone has dropped their body and moved into pure Light again. At the same time, I was able to know without a doubt that his passing was in Divine Order and that he is free now, having left his ego behind to become completely immersed in Oneness. It is easy for me to feel glad that he is now embraced in the ecstasy of Oneness! But of course, I understand the sadness and shock felt by those who were emotionally closer to him, and my Love and hugs go out to them along with affirmations for their comfort and healing.

I know some of you found me through Matty’s online journal http://mayanmajix.com/test_mattyw.html and some of you found Matty and Ian through my talking about Matty on my blog. If you want to know the saga of Matty and Ian through the last 18 months, you can find it in Matty’s journal, but I warn you—it’s addictive reading and there’s a lot of it! When I first discovered it, I spent a whole afternoon and evening reading it and that was when there was far less to read than there is now!

So long, Ian. I know you are pure Light now. And hugs to you, Matty, and to all Ian’s friends. Let the Light embrace you!



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