A tail waggin' weekend!

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What a lovely, high-energy weekend! I am feeling empowered and joyful—there’s definitely been a trend upward in frequency over the last week or so. I’m not sure to what to attribute it—the sun’s been shining and Roly’s been wagging his tail and I’ve been spending time over at Powerful Intentions, playing in the high energy there. We also had a Crosby Stills & Nash-athon Friday night, and Rick and I hung out at home and played Gin (didn’t DRINK gin—I actually had a little warm sake, though) and ordered from a new neighborhood Thai restaurant. It always lifts things a little when I can spend my time playing with Rick instead of cooking and doing KP!

Another energy booster was listening to the tape of the talk I did for Spiritual Frontiers Fellowship in Raleigh October 6. You know that I am usually not too crazy about listening to myself, but I have to say, I really enjoyed listening to this talk! I had forgotten much of what I had said, and it was really neat to listen to the enthusiastic response of the audience again. It made me want to hurry up and go out and speak! Love the teleseminars, but there's nothing like being able to see people's faces!

I mentioned that Roly is wagging his tail again! Yay! He looks to be about 95% back to normal. I took him to the vet for acupuncture on Wed., and got the results of the x-rays: a little calcification of the disks nearest his tail, but no rupture (hallelujah!) and otherwise, perfect. She wasn’t sure the calcified disks were responsible for the limp tail. Whatever the cause, my regimen of applying essential oils, giving him BLM (stands for “bones, ligaments, muscles” and is a Young Living supplement) with Ningxia Red juice (YL’s super antioxidant juice from Ningxia wolfberries) seems to have done the job. The acupuncture helped, too—this last treatment seemed particularly efficacious as I saw improvement the next day. I’m SO grateful to have found a vet that didn’t even mention steroids or anti-inflammatory meds, much less push them. Very refreshing! Oh yeah—the visualization I've been doing of Roly having a marrow bone and wagging his tail when I spoke to him about it manifested today. Big rush!

One more thing--I had planned to send out a Thanksgiving message to my mailing list this week, but after Rick got it all formatted and scheduled, I decided to pull the plug on it. Everybody gets so much email, and I don't want to bug people to death! It's going up on the website, though, so you can find a link to it on the home page .

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