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After reading about it and researching it, thinking about it, praying about it and waiting till I had time to experience it without other things pulling me this way and that, I ingested my first ORMUS material today (for some background, see the blog entry from 07 Dec called "Mfkzt."). The material I took “Transformational Elixir” by Priestess Alchemy. I have been using their “Cleopatra’s Milk” on my skin, so I have taken in some ORMUS via my skin, but today, I took my first amounts of ORMUS orally. I took ¼ teaspoon of the elixir as per instructions. Prior to putting it into my mouth, I said a prayer that it would assist me in reaching my potential, in enhancing my awareness and sense of connectedness, and in becoming more fully authentically empowered. That is what felt right in the moment. Next time, I’m going to visualize my nerves and brain and endocrine system lighting up with Divine Light.

I put it under my tongue and held it there 20 seconds before adding some water and swishing it around, then I swallowed it (it didn’t have much taste—a little sweetness from being sweetened with agave.) I drank some Concord grape juice a few minutes later as it is high in m-state minerals and it seemed the thing to do. At first, I really didn’t feel very much, and wondered if the vague sense of euphoria was simply me, psyching myself out and just feeling my communion with my Spirit through the prayer I had said (although—who’s to say that all of our life experiences isn’t just us, psyching ourselves out?!).

What I did notice (and still notice) is that I found it easier to recognize ego and to feel the dissonance and drop in frequency whenever ego decided to offer an opinion, thus making it easier to make a conscious choice to rise above it. At one point, I was typing and found myself thinking so fast and my fingers flying to keep up and I made more mistakes than usual. I had started with my neck out of whack, which tends to make me a little spacey anyway, so no telling how much of the typing issue was the ORMUS or the skeletal issues. I took my second dose an hour ago, and am having no problem typing now, so who knows? I noticed a tingly sensation around my forehead, and found that I was a little light-headed ("White Light"-headed?!) and very mellow.

An hour or so after I took my first dose, I could feel that my frequency was peaking and I was experiencing the glorious joy space despite my wonky neck! Yes—it seemed that the ORMUS was facilitating a rise in frequency.

I really wanted to spend the time in my happy place, having communion with my Spirit, just listening to music and appreciating my experience, but that was not to be as I was called upon to do some administrative duties. I handled them just fine, but would rather not have had to—partly because I still had a bit of the neck issue going on, and mostly because I was feeling so sublime from the ormus, I just wanted to be free to explore it. The cool part was, my inner child didn't get bent out of shape about not being able to just follow the stream of consciousness the she often has in such situations--I just did what needed to be done with a minimum of internal complaint--a happy development! I was also able to do my workout without a problem, and the oxygenation felt really great--but then, it always does...

I will continue to report on this experience as it unfolds. I am hoping it not only increases my left-right brain integration, and my sense of God Knowingness, but that it helps my physical body the way it is reputed to do. I realize this could possibly mean some healing crises, but I am willing to go through those if need be—though I’m allowing for that not having to happen, too! Not having managed to stay at the highest frequency I was at when I was in Switzerland all those years ago, I still deal with rheumatoid arthritis, and would love for it to go away completely as others have reported it to!

Just a word to anyone reading this who may be thinking of trying ORMUS on a lark—don’t. This is not something to be entered into lightly or for the novelty of it. Do the research (Here is a great place to start: . Know what this is all about. Understand the spiritual and physical impact it can have. And, most importantly, search your heart and soul and ask your Spirit for guidance. Naturally, only when you have a green light from your God-Realized Self, is it right for you to proceed.

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