The Elephant

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Today Rick and I went to Creekside Cellars, our favorite little winery and lunch spot in Evergreen, Colorado, a little mountain town just a 40-minute-or-so drive from our home in Denver. Usually when we go to Creekside, it’s warm and we sit outside on the cantilevered deck that overhangs Bear Creek, but as it was in the low 40s and windy today, that was not a viable option. I will pick back up here after I deliver the “back story” to our adventure…

It was a charmed day. We programmed it to be. First off, if you’ve read my blog for awhile, you know that I automatically assume that our little mini-adventures are going to be great. We just love taking them, so we are predisposed to joyfulness whenever we head up to the mountains on a day trip, or, in this case, a half-day trip. I have been extra joyful for the last few days anyway—the ORMUS I have been taking seems to be very supportive of that, and you know that I’m always intending to head in the direction of joy!

Yesterday, when we were discussing going, we were talking about it being an adventure but that it wouldn’t be much of one because we would probably just be heading to the winery, then to our favorite little coffee house in Indian Hills and then home without doing much exploring. But we agreed that even something mundane and planned could include exciting and adventurous elements, and I said, “Yeah—we could see an elephant walking on the side of the highway or something!”
And oh-so-practical
Rick reminded me that it would be a poor time weather-wise for an elephant to have to be out walking in Colorado.

As we drove out I-70 today, we made the intention to have an exciting adventure, to see something unusual, and that it be really, REALLY fun! I mentioned the elephant again and said to myself, “even if we don’t see an elephant on the side of the road, I expect to see an elephant somewhere!” and envisioned an elephant sculpture or photo. And then I forgot about it. But I was definitely bubbling over with joy, which is highly supportive to the creation of "magic"...

When we got to Creekside, it was packed (but we got a parking spot, which is a little magical considering they hardly have enough). A tiny two-top came open almost right away, and though there were others waiting, we were the only pair, so we got it (another bit of magic). When we went to the wine bar to choose our wine, they gave us huge glasses—elephantine glasses you might say—and when one of the other people standing at the bar commented on how large they were, the woman behind the counter said, “They hold a full bottle of wine plus an extra regular glass-worth.” We all expressed our doubts, so she proceeded to demonstrate with a wine bottle filled with water. Sure enough, the glass held the volume in the bottle and then some! That was certainly unusual, and we had intended to see something unusual!

We had a sublime time together, talking about meaningful stuff, just enjoying each other, and the whole experience was just perfect. After our late lunch, we headed to Indian Hills for dessert and sat in the comfy chairs in the corner where we usually do. As we were enjoying our coffee and the chocolate éclair cake that we split, I saw something spectacular—something I’d never noticed before. There, on the bookshelf directly in front of me at my eye level, was an elephant. No, it wasn’t an elephant on the side of the road; it was a brass elephant bookend. But it was an elephant nonetheless!

Who knows? If I hadn’t backed off my intention of seeing an elephant walking on the side of the road and indicated I’d settle for something less unusual, I might have seen a real elephant today, but as it was, I saw exactly what I programmed for seeing. Don’t ya just love the way the Law of Attraction works? And perhaps the coolest part is was how thrilled I was to see it. Next time I ask to see an elephant, I’ll ask in warm weather so the worry about its health won’t be a factor!

Oh yes—I added two new articles to the articles page today. Check them out!

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