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I am more and more aware every day of exactly how powerful we are as creators. Sometimes I feel as if we’ve been put in the driver’s seat of a Lamborghini where we can reach the gas pedal, but we aren’t tall enough to see over the steering wheel! We’re full speed ahead with immense power responding to our every nuance, but we don’t know where we’re going—don’t even know all the wondrous destinations that are available to us, can’t see the road, or the potholes, and don’t have a good feel for the very sensitive steering mechanism! To top it off, we're not even aware that we're the driver!

Of course, this is where we need to allow our Spirit to navigate—that way, we don’t need to see over the steering wheel. “Desire” means “of the Father” in Latin, so if we trust that God In Us is supplying us with the desires, we can trust that God in us can guide us to them. But we need to be driving with our conscious minds. As I rise in frequency and see higher and higher, I not only see “over the steering wheel” more often, I can even see more clearly how the engine works and that my conscious choices are so important. Ego is meant to be the driver, but only if Spirit is the navigator is the ride smooth and taking us to a harmonious destination with a harmonious experience on the way. In training our conscious minds to drive, we need to see that all the blessings of the Universe are ours for the choosing, and that the ones that will be most in harmony are the ones that feel the most joyful and choosing those on purpose, because as I’ve said many times, joy is the hallmark of higher frequency, of being in the realm of your Spirit.

The choosing part has always been the challenge for me. I may have mentioned before that I am a Myers-Briggs “P”-type, and I've always felt that I needed to keep my options open. It has felt like the death of options whenever I have been faced with making a choice. But that is such a delusion. I used to do a lot of collage work, and it freaked me out to glue down a piece of paper or other media—so final, that. But what I learned is until I’ve glued the piece down, I’m stymied and nothing can move forward. But once I glue the piece down, it opens up a whole new world of creative possibility. It demands that I make the next move—figure out where the next piece goes in relationship to the one before. And so on. So gluing down the first piece--making a choice--isn’t really a death—it is the birth of a multitude of new options.

Any time I’ve been able to make a choice and specify exactly what I’ve wanted, the Universe has delivered it at lightning speed. The problem has been that I’ve always had the anxious thought that perhaps I was not thinking broadly enough—perhaps I wasn’t really imagining the optimal thing for me—perhaps I was leaving out something critical. But what I realized last night as I was falling asleep while I was trying to conjure up a new house, and feeling anxious about it, is that I don’t have to get specific in deciding just how it will look, but I need to focus, instead, on the feeling I want to have (this is not startling news—it’s Manifestation 101). But here’s the big breakthrough: Instead of manifesting a specific house, I can focus on manifesting the experience of shopping for a house and having fabulous choices. And, for good measure, manifesting the sure knowing that “I’ll know it when I see it and will have the wherewithal to buy it and maintain it!”

That really takes the anxiety out of it for me. I think I’ll head on to bed and get to focusing on vibrating a match for the ultimate house-shopping, purchasing, moving and enjoying it all experiences! And for feeling sooooo joyful and delighted in our new house!

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